7 Clever Marketing Tips to Promote Your Hairstyling Business

Still relying on the same marketing campaigns for your hairstyling business year after year? If so, it’s time to shake things up. We came up with 7 strategies you can borrow to re-energize your own marketing plans.

Take a look.

1. Create a selfie station. What better time to take a selfie than after getting a new hairstyle? Encourage your clients to take a selfie and encourage them to post their photo using your own personalized hashtag.

2. Make your customers models. Use a quality camera to take your own photos of customers and post them on your social media accounts or on your website. Share, share, share. Ask for permission to shoot before and after for more intriguing posts.

3. Think seasonally. Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day … there are times of the year where it makes incredibly good sense to offer a discount to give new and current customers an incentive to come into your salon. Start marketing to them about two months beforehand to build excitement about getting a new look in time for the holidays. Explore different options for marketing during the holidays to keep it fresh.

4. Raise awareness. Go all out with breast cancer awareness as other salons are doing nationally. During the month of October, salons have encouraged customers to get pink hair extensions, offered free pink mohawks to high school football players, worn pink clothing and more as part of their breast cancer awareness publicity.

5. Do good. Generate some publicity by offering your services for free. Donate your services to veterans just before a job fair or to residents of a homeless facility. Ask clients to join you in donating their time or resources. Whether or not you get publicity from local media, you’re still making significant strides in building your brand.

6. Offer a customer loyalty plan. Don’t take your clients for granted. Ever. Let them know how special they are with a customer loyalty plan. But ditch the paper. It’s too cumbersome. Use a digital tool that lets you and your customers keep track of their visits.

7. Offer discounted girls’ night out services. Once a month or once a quarter, open your salon during after hours to host a special girls night outing. You can choose to open that slot to private celebrations or open it to the first 15 guests who sign up. Make it special. Bring in other professionals to offer services such as chair massages, pedicures, manicures, or overall makeovers.

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