8 Reasons to Invest in a Website for Your Salon

As an independent beauty pro, a website may seem like an expensive nice-to-have that you hope to get around to eventually. But make no mistake. If you do not have a website, you’re missing out on revenue. You’re also missing an opportunity to attract new clients, retain your current clients and build your brand.

Can you afford to leave all this opportunity on the table?

The reality is, it’s not only imperative to have a website for your salon, it is crucial that it’s an attractive, functional website that accurately reflects your brand. Your website is often the first impression that new and current clients will see when looking for a salon. To clients who are unfamiliar with your salon, a messy website means a messy experience.

Still need convincing?

Here’s What You (and Your Clients) are Missing Without a Website:

  1. Be Found. There are almost 15,000 searches for the term beauty salon online every day… having a well-designed site can ensure you’re found in those results – especially in local searches.
  2. Branding. For your business to be successful, you need to create a compelling brand. As an independent, this ensures a positive first impression for new clients.
  3. Establishing Trust. Most new clients don’t begin their salon search with Google. Most incoming link clicks in the industry come from sites like Yelp or Facebook reviews. This means that people looking for a salon are evaluating your credibility. A polished website reinforces positive reviews and makes the new client feel confident in their choice.
  4. Visibility. However, this doesn’t mean that people won’t find your salon via a Google search. An established website will increase your salon’s visibility to new clients. Google now displays business related to the user’s’ search terms within a specified radius. Having a website ensures that your business appears in those results, and it means that users have an option to click over to your site. Once people leave a Google search for nearby businesses, it’s not often that they return to the results when they’ve found what they’re looking for.
  5. A Digital Receptionist. Are you still picking up the phone? Responding to emails from clients looking to book an appointment? Why do that when you don’t have to? Stylie allows your clients to schedule appointments on your website — showing them which slots are still available. By managing the calendar, blocking out the times when you’re not available, you can gain more time to actually do hair by letting your website take over the job.
  6. Educate Your Clients. Offer helpful information on your website, keeping it relevant to your clientele. If the majority of your clients must keep up a professional appearance, focus on more posts that promote low-maintenance hairstyles and how to care for them. You can also introduce hair care tips for color-treated locks. However, keep up with the latest, hottest trends if you appeal to a younger clientele who are interested in changing up their looks.
  7. Host an Online Store. While people are visiting your website, give them the convenience of shopping for their favorite hair and beauty products. And you can do yourself a favor by creating a source of passive income while you sleep. Setting up an online store is a great way to expand your services and increase the functionality of your website if you already have a decent amount of traffic on your site. Keep those blog posts coming — promoting them on social media channels — and you can be on your way to building up a desirable amount of traffic. Make sure that you follow security measures for setting up an ecommerce site. Your clients should feel secure about entering their credit card information on your site.
  8. Boost your Credibility. Along with establishing trust, your website can go a long way in telling prospects what you already know about yourself — you’re a professional who means business when it comes to hair. If you’ve spent the time and effort on a beautiful salon, why not showcase it to impress potential customers?

A professional website, which highlights your customers’ hairstyles also conveys that you’re a notch above other salons without a digital presence.

How Can I Get this Done?

I can hear what you’re thinking, and you’re right: you are already too busy between the salon and life to build a website. Or maybe you have no idea how to get started. Don’t stress! There are options and resources to help make your perfect website a reality.

  • Hire a Professional – When all else fails, hire a professional. With the digital age in full swing, there’s no shortage of web design agencies that can provide a fully-custom, brand-oriented website for your salon business that’s optimized to capture search engine and social media traffic. With many agencies to choose from, you’re likely to find a solution for all budgets.  The downside to professional are timeliness and difficulty updating.  This option can get expensive real fast.
  • Stylie Websites –  Stylie has built a simple and easy to use platform to get your site up and running in no time.  Stylie will get your site setup quickly after you provide a few pieces of information.  Stylie will also train you how to make changes to your site at any time.  No web designer or coding experience needed!  These sites are mobile optimized and include capabilities like online appointment booking, e-commerce catalogs, and gift certificate sales, photo portfolio and much more.  This option is extremely affordable and Stylie will walk with you each step of the way to make it happen.

A professional site is not a want but a need in our current business landscape. Get started now upgrading your business where all your clients are spending most of their time, on the web!


Don’t wait! Let Stylie get your website started today!

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Deb Hudson

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