Bobs, Bangs and Business, Baby!

About 90 percent of running a successful styling business is making your clients look fantastic. Consider them your top marketing strategy — walking billboards, if you really think about it.

Part of keeping your “walking billboards” looking great is keeping up with the latest hair trends, including those worn by their favorite celebrities in 2016. Even those stubborn chicks who insist on leaving your chair with helmet head can catch this year’s hair fashion fever.

Grab your scissors and products, and read on for fresh news about this year’s hot hairstyles:

Hair coloring. Last year’s woman frequently sported a short cut and/or a severe dye job involving all colors of the rainbow, often with a fluorescent hue. According to PopSugar, this year’s female has no interest in looking like she has bright pink cotton candy piled on her head. A calm lavender-colored ponytail? Nope, she’s no longer in that mood, either.

You have at least two choices. For your edgier clients, check out the denim hair color trend — clients are looking for a hair color that matches their favorite pair of jeans. However, more than likely, most of your clients will be looking for mellow, natural-looking coloring.

Textured, natural hair. The curly hair trend is showing no signs of letting up, according to Modern Salon. Encourage your clients to embrace their natural locks. Look for products and hairstyles that will help them manage their tresses without damaging it. This seems to be a trend that’s not going anywhere soon.

Going long. Longer lengths are in this year, too. Hair to the collarbones, the shoulders and beyond … it’s all good.

Bangs. Shaggy bobs with bangs are crazy popular. Women want their hair to look like they just crawled out of a convertible. It’s about framing the face and making the ends uneven with lots of movement.

Throwback to the 70s. An extreme middle part, straight out of the 1970s, fusses for the same attention drawn by an extreme side part. But both are perfectly positive for this year’s look.

The fun of 1960s and ’70s hair has reawakened. That unforgettable texture, derived from washing and braiding long hair, going to bed and setting it free the next morning, it’s a show-stopper. No doubt, your clients will strut this carefree but classy look with style.

Don’t forget accessories! According to, women are in love with sprinkling hair art, such as tiny white flowers or glittery gold stars, in unexpected places. This information hints at what you might want to stock up on for prom and wedding party appointments.

Maintaining a profitable business requires keeping up with your clients’ likes, dislikes and hair textures. Keep up on those details using Stylie’s point-of-sale tool that’s designed with the needs of independent beauty professionals in mind. Contact us for a demo. We’ll show you how it can work for you.

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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

Hairstylist Consultant at Michelle My Stylist
For some, hairstyling’s a job. For others, it’s a passion: an innate gift that lights them up and drives them to outperform and overdeliver. Michelle G. is definitely the latter.

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