How to Book More Clients While You’re Behind the Chair This Holiday Season

Okay, #beautyKOs. Let’s be honest for a second.

For most people, the holiday season is a wonderful time to be with friends and family. But for hairstylists, it can feel like absolute mayhem.

You are literally booked every second of the day, and you’re probably working longer hours than you typically do to accommodate all of your amazing (or not so amazing, depending on the stress level) clients.

It’s non-stop chaos, and having to reschedule a cut and color when your client can’t make it is unbearable. It’s even worse when you have to worry about all of the back and forth texting, calling, or Facebook messaging that’s required to set a date.

It stresses us out just thinking about it.

While we know you’re used to dealing with the typical mayhem during the holiday season, we want to help take some stress off your back so you can focus on who’s in your chair instead of who’s popping up on your cell phone screen.

How to Get Your Hairstyling Business in Gear for the Holidays

1. Utilize online booking.

First of all, if you’re still using a paper appointment book, we totally understand the novelty and the nostalgia of doing so. It’s been your baby for so long! There’s a certain security of having a physical book to write in, to carry around, and to love.

BUT it could be affecting your business… depending on client preferences. When your clients have to wait hours or days for you to respond, then it’s frustrating for them. They could schedule an appointment with someone else, or they could even try to do their hair themselves (*collective gasp!*) because they had to wait on you.

When your clients have to wait hours or days for you to respond to schedule an appointment, then it’s frustrating for them. They could schedule an appointment with someone else, or they could even try to do their hair themselves (*collective gasp!*) because they had to wait on you.

Here are a few reasons why you need to consider online booking:

  • Clients can easily find the times you are both available. There is no back and forth. (Especially if they tend to not book at the end of your appointment because they’re not sure of their schedule and need to get back to you)
  • Online booking sends automatic confirmations and so you don’t have to.
  • It keeps you organized. Don’t worry about forgetting to write down an appointment because you were too busy behind the chair; it’s already in your queue waiting for you. Or don’t worry about losing your book! You still have all of your appointments should something happen.

2. Manage your inventory online.

Be honest: are you a hairstylist who has to go to the supply store two or three times a week, or even more during the holiday season?

Every time you go to the store, you have to pay taxes. Those add up.

Plus, time is money. Do you realize how much money and time you’re spending at the store each week?


Imagine if you only had to go to the store once every two weeks. Or even once a week. How much more time and money, in the long run, would you have?

Managing your inventory in an online system makes it easy-peasy. You know how much you have at any given time, you know when you’re running low, and you have a holistic view of supplies.

Sure, you will need to devote some time upfront to setting up the system and getting everything entered, but that short-term time investment could mean a long-term payout.

3. Market to your clients without even thinking about it.

Staying connected with your client base is critical, but it’s so tough when you’re busy during the holidays.

That’s why marketing automation is a beautiful thing. You can set-it-and-forget-it so you can focus on who’s behind your chair.

This is so true! It’s not necessarily you; things change and you have to adapt. If you plan for it and market well, then replacing that 10% will be easy. 🙌 . . . #Repost @brittseva ・・・ This is the biggest killer of all. In any career we settle into a comfort zone at some point and often we forget to keep growing. Most hairstylists lose about 10% of their clientele each year as clients move, decide to try a new stylist or want to see somebody at a different price point. I know many of you read that and thought “I don’t lose 10% a year”, but I ask salon owners and stylists I coach to analyze their clientele all the time and it’s rarely less and often much more. If you see 100 clients a month I’m going to assume you have a clientele of about 250 regular clients. If you lose 10% each year that means you need to have 25 new clients each and every year. This means you need to retain 2-3 new clients a month just to maintain your business and retain 3-5 new clients a month to grow. Generally, stylists RETAIN about 20%-30% of their new clients longterm so you’d need at least 8 new requests a month just to maintain your business longterm!! That is a lot! If you aren’t getting 8 new clients a month, don’t sweat it, but know that you’ll need to be attracting at least 50 new clients throughout the year just to maintain your business and there is no point in your career where you don’t have to worry about this any more.xoxo

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Our independent hairstylist software specifically can send timely messages to your clients using these three primary features:

  • Automated Marketing Messages: Triggers you can set up one time but will continue to send automatically.
  • Email Marketing: Schedule marketing communications to go to your whole list or specific clients.
  • Text Message/SMS Marketing: Schedule promotional text communications to go to your whole list or specific clients.

With 5 automated triggers:

  • Welcome: An email that will go to new clients who schedule time with you.
  • Birthday: Show your clients you care and maybe provide a special offer.
  • Has not been in for X days: An email to remind clients to schedule time with you when they haven’t been in for a while.
  • Spent X($) in Y days: An email to show appreciation for clients spending money with you.
  • Referral: An email to thank clients for sending business your way.

And 3 filters:

  • First visit: Send a message to a first-time client to add value to their experience.
  • Gender: Offer a special on men’s haircuts or women’s color.
  • Last visit: Send messages to your clients who haven’t been in for a while.

The best part? You can set up ALL of this from your mobile phone.

Why You Need to Incorporate Technology Now

Every extra minute during the holiday season counts. It’s important for you to have time to yourself, too!

That’s why we’re offering you two free months of our software when you sign up now using the promo code HOLIDAY60. Start 2017 with a tool that will help you stay organized! Take the leap, import your clients, get online booking set up, and save both time and money.

What is Stylie doing while your clients are in the chair?

  • Booking your appointments
  • Automatically sending your marketing emails based on filters you sent up once
  • Reminding your clients they have an appointment with you
  • Confirming appointments with your clients
  • Answering questions about your hours and services you offer to future clients
  • Keeping a record of your latest inventory count

The time saved by using Stylie will allow you to focus on your clients during the holidays instead of trying to nail down appointment times. Plus, you might even get a little down time because your business tasks are on autopilot.

Stylie is THE software for independent stylists. With our hairstylist software, you’re not in this alone.

Start 2017 with an organized business. Make your life easier and sign up for Stylie One now using our special promo code HOLIDAY60 for 60 days free.

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Go Stylie
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