5 Ways to Maximize Your Time & Income As a Beauty Professional

Have you noticed that it seems like your fellow hairstylists are jumping on the opportunity to work for themselves and embark on booth rental? There is an undeniable shift happening in the hairstyling industry, and we want to make sure that not only do you get to be a part of the revolution, but will also make more money and save on time in the process.

In this infographic, we’ll lead you through the 5 steps to creating a solid solo hairstyling business with booth rental, including:

  1. How to build a solid foundation for your business – Your business functions will be all your responsibility now, so it’s essential that you create an efficient and manageable system. We can show you the right tools to use and processes to take in order to succeed.
  2. How to feed your calendar – We’ll teach you how to ensure a steady workload and income by getting appointments on your calendar on a regular basis.
  3. How to use pricing as a growth strategy – We’ll help you decide whether or not you should launch with premium or low pricing and also highlight what the potential benefits of each option would be.
  4. How to keep your expenses low so you can reap higher profits – If you build a habit of reviewing your expenses periodically, you’ll be able to catch money falling through the cracks and put those dollars to better use. We will walk you through a system to help you do just that.
  5. How to use automation to improve your business efficiency – Just about every activity you can think of can be automated, freeing up time and headspace so you can focus on what you love most: Making clients look and feel like a million bucks. We’ll show you all the tasks that can potentially be automated and also suggest the right platforms to get started with.

In the end, we want success for you, #BeautyKOs! We want you to be masters of your independent hairstyling business so that you may not only do what you love, but do it in a way that brings you never-before-seen profit and also gives you the freedom you always dreamed of.

Get the infographic here:

How to get ready for booth rental infographic


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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

Hairstylist Consultant at Michelle My Stylist
For some, hairstyling’s a job. For others, it’s a passion: an innate gift that lights them up and drives them to outperform and overdeliver. Michelle G. is definitely the latter.

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