Mix Booth Rental and Salon Software to Build a Successful Hairstyling Business

Building a successful hair styling business takes more than staying on top of the latest trends. You need the business savvy to develop a formula that keeps your operations running smoothly and efficiently with minimal investment.

Here’s what the right salon software can do to leverage your business as a booth renter:

Provide increased mobility: As with other aspects of our lives, we’re increasingly using our smartphones and tablets to research, communicate and conduct business. The right mobile app can help you manage your independent beauty business from the convenience of your mobile devices.

Streamline payments: Using the old model, stylists used cash registers to process payments. That’s a dying model. Streamline the process with credit card processing that’s integrated with your software solution. Therefor, you can process payments and check clients out quickly using your smartphone or tablet.

Manage inventory and sales: Select software that simplifies your sales, inventory management and bookkeeping through automatic updates, purchase tracking and filed receipts.

Keep on top of scheduling: This is one of the most important components of running a independent beauty business. Here’s how Stylie can help you keep up:

  • Online scheduling. Stylie replaces impersonal, back-and-forth texts and missed calls with effortless online scheduling through its Schedule Fresh In addition to allowing for quick and easy scheduling, Stylie will handle automatic reminders to keep clients alert and on time.
  • Salon relationship management. Through client profiles, Stylie allows hairstylists to keep track of technical notes on hair consultations, as well as personal details related to each client’s product preferences, birthdays, anniversaries and more.
  • Easy automation. Let Stylie do the grunt work with auto receipts, appointment reminders, set-and-forget marketing campaigns and thank you messages. With easy setup and auto-tracking, this feature keeps clients feeling loved by their hairstylist.

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Deb Hudson

Deb Hudson

Stylie Success Manager at Stylie
Deb is our resident rockstar and your go-to resource for everything Stylie. She can help you answer questions about what Stylie offers, help you setup your account, and even help you find ways get the word out there about your business. She’s here to help you every step of the way.

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