Tips from Britt Seva: Successfully Double-Booking Your Schedule

Double-booking is not for the faint of heart, but if you can master the art, the rewards can possibly double your income.

For many hairstylists, just the thought of double-booking can fill them up with anxiety. What if a client runs early? What if one is late? What if you need more time with one client? Or what if your client simply doesn’t like the fact that all your attention isn’t solely on them?

Britt Seva, social media and marketing strategist for hairstylists, totally gets your worries. In this video blog, she talks about exactly what hairstylists can do to not only soothe their fears, but to master the art of double-booking like the champ that you are.

Here are 4 key tips from Britt Seva to get you started:

Tip 1 – Make sure that you have structured service timing for every guest that walks in the door.

“That’s the secret sauce,” says Britt. What is structure service timing, exactly? This is the time it takes from the start of application to the finish of processing for every single hair service you perform.

As Britt explains, until you know that structured service timing, it will be impossible to actually double-book and have it feel good to both you and your client.

Tip 2Start off slow.

The easiest way to start off is to double-book a haircut over a color processing. Let’s look at the example Britt provided:

  • If you know your haircuts take 45 minutes with your structured service timing,
  • and if you have Sally coming in at 9:00 a.m. for her usual root touch up and you know that root touch ups take 15 minutes to apply and 45 minutes to process,
  • then you have 45 free minutes that you can book a haircut into successfully.

That’s how you should start. Never start by throwing another color processing into that 45-minute block, because as soon as we have two colors processing, our stressors go off and we start to worry about something going wrong.

So start off slow – one haircut over one color processing. And “only one double-booking a day to start.”

Tip 3Make sure you have a system.

Where is Client 1 going to sit while Client 2 is processing?

There is nothing worse than Client 1 feeling shoved to the side so you can do a haircut for Client 2. Client 1 can go to your luxurious processing area to relax. Never stick Client 1 in your lobby or “just anywhere.” Have a nice space for them to relax in.

Tip 4Stop being so afraid of double-booking and get excited!

You need to remember that this is a gift to your guest!

Britt says approach your client and say, “I have some exciting news – my business is growing really fast, I’m so thrilled. I’m actually going to start double-booking. It will be great for you, because it will be easier for you to get in to see me! I also don’t have to do a price increase immediately. And in addition, I’m going to be offering some additional amenities.”

Maybe this is the time you choose to roll out your rewards program. Suddenly this sounds like a reward and not a curse.

So remember #BeautyKos… double-booking can be amazing and it doesn’t have to be scary. Follow these tips, establish a solid plan, and just wait for the sweet symphony of booking to follow.

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