Social Media Tips from Britt Seva: How to Use Instagram Insta-Stories for Building Clientele

In March 2016, Instagram created an algorithm that totally changed the way our Instagram feed looked and what showed up. Then they gave us another curveball in August 2016 with Instagram Stories and this new video platform is the opportunity to explode your business.

Britt Seva, social media and marketing strategist for hairstylists, offers these killer tips for building your clientele using Insta-Stories:

Tip 1 – “Your Instagram feed is a portfolio whereas your Instagram story is an experience.”

Put simply, gorgeous hair is not enough. Any great hairstylist can produce amazing finished work, but your clients are looking for an emotional connection! Insta-Stories give us that chance to show our clients that emotional experience.

With Instagram Stories, you end up showing less of your finished work and more of who you are as a person. This will allow your clients to really connect and bond with you.

Tip 2Videos perform better so use them!

Insta-Stories are fantastic, because you can still show pictures mixed in with your video. According to Britt, “video produces more engagement and more emotional connection than a photo ever will. You’ll get way more interaction and way more feedback when you do.”

Tip 3Insta-Stories can be a mix of personal and professional.

As Britt explains, your Instagram feed is only for polished pictures of your work instead of those pictures of your pets, your dinner or nights on the town. Insta-Stories are the opposite. If somebody is going to your Insta-Story to make an emotional connection with you, you can show them a little bit more of yourself than just pictures of your hairstyling work.

Britt says, “You can show that amazing vegan meal you made last night. You can show pics of your cat. You can show conversations you have with your clients” and other fun moments. This just helps to define your personality and overall brand.

Tip 4It’s called an Insta-Story for a reason; tell a story!

Today, many stylists are using Insta-Stories to grow their business, and those that use them most effectively are actually building a true story with it. So if you’re using your Insta-Story to show a before and after, show the whole process. Show the draping of the cape, spin in the chair, show mixing the color, show applying the color, show shampooing, show blow-drying, and show the styling. Show the entire experience.

With that said, make sure it all looks good! Keep your salon neat and tidy and be sure that you have great lighting so that your video quality is top-notch.

Tip 5Insta-Stories are meant to add value.

If your Insta-Story won’t provide context to everyone who follows you, then it could turn off new followers or people who don’t know you that well. So use your feed to offer value to ALL of your clients.

For example, showing clients how to effectively blow dry their hair or apply hairspray correctly could really help everyone in your feed. You could accomplish that in short little 15-second videos. That can add value to your client’s life and how you can start to build clientele using Insta-Stories.

Insta-Stories have the capacity to help grow your business and create that emotional connection! Use them to attract more followers. And be sure to follow the Instagram queen herself, @brittseva.

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