Give Your Brand as a Hairstylist a Lift Through Charitable Giving

We all know the value of giving back through charitable giving. And, more than likely, you do what you can to support great causes throughout the year or during the holiday season.

Take it a step further by giving your brand a boost AND by donating your hairstyling services. Not only will you do a lot of good for the community, you can inspire others to give back while enhancing your personal brand as a hairstylist.

Take a look at these 3 ways you can give back in meaningful ways.

1. Provide free haircuts/styling for the disadvantaged. Celebrity hairstylist Mark Bustos gained some media attention recently for his regular work cutting homeless people’s hair while traveling around the world. Recently, joined him in New York as he walked around the city on a Sunday to give homeless people haircuts that normally costs his clients $175 or more.

You don’t have to be a celebrity stylist to perform this service. If you normally have Sundays or Mondays off, spend a few hours giving away free haircuts to those who can’t afford it. Try working with a shelter for battered women or homeless families. Whether or not you get media attention, you can always invite others to join in on your efforts by posting your outings on social media accounts.

2. Partner with nonprofit organizations. Plenty of organizations put on benefits to raise funds for their causes, including fashion shows, raffles, and silent auctions. Provide your hair styling services free of charge for their models or as gifts for fundraisers to enhance your brand as a community supporter. Work with the organization to outline how your personal brand will be promoted in announcements and other fundraising material.

3. Promote your services in fundraising brochures. As you would with a regular newspaper, take out an ad for a brochure passed out at a fundraising event. Invest in the services of a professional graphic designer to make sure your advertisement stands out from the others. Offer a discount as part of the ad.

Marketing your brand as a community supporter is a fantastic way to help others while increasing awareness about your services. Manage all your marketing efforts seamlessly with Stylie, a point-of-sale tool that helps you keep your schedule organized. Contact us to find out how it can work for you.

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