#ColorJam2017 Second Place Winner- Stephanie Nevels


Stephanie Nevels

How did you get started in the Industry?

The beauty industry was part of my upbringing from a very young age.  My grandmother was a hairstylist and had her own salon.  So, before I had even decided what I would do with my life, I was already being taught skills that I would need to be successful in this industry.

During college, I found myself carrying on those skills as I would do the hair of my roommates and those around me.  That is when I decided to change paths and to follow a love I had been developing all along and went to Cosmetology school.

After school, I started out as an independent for a few years while also getting my educators license. This allowed me to spend time teaching cosmetology students to help instill in them to take everything in, put in the hard work, and get all the practice they can.

I was able to invest in my students the way one of my favorite teachers had invested in me. This teacher sticks out as being there to help motivate, cheer up and to push me to keep going.  Later, when I was able to work side by side with him, he became a peer that I could still turn to for advice and support.

What are you doing now?

I work in a more traditional salon but I love the camaraderie that comes with working side by side with other talented stylists.  You can find me at Magnolia Ave Salon where I am able to be creative, motivated by my coworkers, and love being able to connect with my clients.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Seeing my clients is my favorite part of my job as I’m able to form relationships with them that goes beyond most other work places settings.  I get to know their families, their stories and find them to be my friends, more than just clients.

What do you feel is your best talent as a stylist?

Besides making my clients feel good about themselves, I love being able to be creative with color.  I love the freedom that comes with balayage.   I also love working with fantasy and vivid colors creating true pieces of art with my styles. The image submitted for the #ColorJam2017 is one of my all-time favorite pieces I did on one of my students while teaching.

We love what Stephanie brings to the table with her skill and creativity. Make sure to check out her Instagram page at @nevelss

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