Don’t Get Too Comfortable Behind That Chair: Keep it Fresh in the Salon Industry

It can be easy to get comfortable with your regular clients, the styles they want, the colors, the cuts. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy and flexibility to step outside of that comfort zone, but you’ll never know what opportunities await if you don’t.

So here are some tips to build your personal brand as a hairstylist:

Literally put yourself “out there.”: Is there a specific popular style that everyone – clients and stylists alike – know that you are the best at? Consider hosting a short class on how other stylists can recreate that look. You could speak with the salon owner about holding the class in the salon or find a community center or shared space to hold the class in.

Take a leap of faith: If you’re really that good that you can teach other stylists a thing or two, then it’s time to take a leap of faith — start your own styling business. There’s no need for a huge upfront investment. Look into the booth rental model. About half of salons offer some type of booth rental opportunities, making it one of the most popular trends in the industry.

Have a promotion: Think of a fun promotion other than someone gaining rewards for referring someone to you (still offer something for that too). Come up with an idea that is so fun and creative that it will make people really WANT to participate. If it’s a promotion for a specific date, make sure you give your clients plenty of advance notice. Post about it on social media too to gain new clients.

Step up your social media game: Join groups in the salon industry on LinkedIn and provide valuable information and input. When you host a class or promotion, make sure your followers on all platforms know about it. Use social media automation software to enable you to spend less time updating your accounts. Don’t get stuck in a rut on social media either. Keep it fresh and newly updated.

These are a few simple steps towards getting out of your comfort zone as a stylist. Try them and find out which ones work for you and tweak the ones that don’t.

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