Entrepreneur Mark Cuban Advises Small Businesses to Focus on the Customer

Whether you’re just starting out with your own hair styling business or you’ve been at it for a few years, make sure you don’t forget this one thing: It’s always about the customer. That’s what Shark Tank celebrity and entrepreneur Mark Cuban told attendees of a Small Business Administration event recently.

Don’t ever forget that the customer is in charge, Cuban said during the recent event in Washington, D.C. to celebrate National Small Business Week. “It’s amazing how important customers are, and we lose track of that when we hear about entrepreneurship,” Cuban said. “Without customers, we have nothing … people don’t always understand that.”

Cuban said it’s important to keep your focus on great customer service because basically the customers own the business.

Here are some tips Cuban offers, as highlighted in The Business Journals:

1. Be persistent and work hard. Business is not all glamour, Cuban said. It can be grinding — day after day after day — to make sure that you’re keeping clients happy and that you’re making a profit.

2. Don’t keep your wisdom to yourself. Establish a community mentality. Share your best practices as a way of giving back. It also highlights you in a better light within the community as well as provide teenagers and younger people inspiration. “You can’t at any point in time forget that little bit of responsibility to help the people around you,” he said. That type of networking also can be beneficial because it doesn’t hurt to gain the extra publicity.

3. Don’t focus on the negative, like taxes and government regulations. Cuban said he still believes in the American dream, especially since there are 28 million small businesses in America. When you have that dream, and when you have that mission, you don’t say what’s the tax rate, how much paperwork am I going to have to file, you just go for it,” he said during his 10-minute speech in Washington. “And the people who go for it are the ones that have success. There’s no better country in the world to start a business.”

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