You Got This? 4 Questions for the Wanna-be Entrepreneur Stylist

More than likely you’ve thought about it — taking that step into independence and being your own boss. With booth rentals increasingly available at numerous salons, the jump into entrepreneurship may not seem as daunting as it once was. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the important steps it takes to do it successfully.

Starting your own business requires plenty of planning and hard work. And it requires a certain mindset. Make sure you have what it takes by answering these questions posed by the Small Business Administration:

1. How comfortable are you with taking risks? As an entrepreneur, you can’t count on a steady paycheck, insurance and a certain number of hours of scheduled work. There’s plenty of uncertainty involved with running your own business. If other people are depending upon you financially, for instance, make sure you’re comfortable with the unknowns of being your own boss.

2. Are you independently motivated? Not everyone has the motivation to launch their own business and keep it up day after day. You should keep in mind that everything from managing finances, schedules, appointments and inventory will be your responsibility.

3. Do you have support? When starting a business, it’s essential that you have the support of those who depend upon you as well as a mentor who can help you avoid missteps along the way. Find entrepreneurs, whether or not they’re stylists, who can provide you with solid tips on running a business.

4. How creative are you? Marketing as a hairstylist requires a bit of imagination, especially when it comes to standing out from the huge crowd on social media. Constantly find ways to promote yourself in new and different ways. Be among the first to post videos on Snapchat for instance.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If you have what it takes, check out Stylie, a point-of-sale tool that helps independent beauty professionals manage their businesses from top to bottom.

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