7 Ways to use Technology to Tame Your Hair Salon Business

As with any other business, time is money when you’re trying to succeed as an entrepreneur in the hairstyling industry. That’s why it’s smart to master technology to manage your small business, whether you’re running an entire salon or a renting a booth.

You could streamline your operations, minimize your frustrations, bring in more customers and increase your revenue. Take a look at the 7 ways you can use tech as one of your most invaluable tools for your hair salon business.

1. Manage your schedule. Booking appointments correctly is the lifeline of your business. However, like most hairstylists, you’re on the losing end every time someone cancels an appointment at the last minute. You can use digital solutions that allow your customers to book appointments online, as well check your availability. You can also offer discounts to customers who respond to last-minute notifications of an opening, sort of like last-minute travel deals.

2. Send reminders. Let’s face it. We’re human. And with everyone’s schedules getting more hectic, it’s no wonder customers cancel at the last minute. Do them a favor. Send reminders. It would take you forever to send reminders to each of your clients, so use automation to send emails or texts to notify your clients of their upcoming appointments.

3. Stand out with marketing. Here’s a truth about running a business — if no one knows about it except your relatives, neighbors and friends, you can’t expect to grow it. With the tools to help you manage a social media marketing campaign, you can run a well-oiled marketing campaign with a small budget. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to promote your work beyond your circle of friends.

4. Take care of your money. OK. You’re not running a business for the simple pleasure of making people look more beautiful. Money helps pay the bills. It’s important to streamline the payment and budgeting process so you can make more of it. Use digital tools to process payments and manage your accounting.

5. Sell products online. Recommending products to your clients? Sell them at your booth, and online on your website. You can make money while you’re sleeping. Now isn’t that an efficient use of your time?

6. Manage your inventory. Manually checking your supplies takes time — time you could be styling hair and making more revenue. Digital tools allow you to keep track of your products with just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet. You can also set it to notify you when supplies are running low.

7. Undergo training. As with every other form of education, you can take courses online to hone your hairstyling skills. Take courses in your spare time, instead of booking a flight to head out to the next major conference. It will save you time and funds.

With Stylie, a point-of-sale tool design specifically for hairstylists, you can save even more time. It allows you to seamlessly take on many of these tasks from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Curious? Browse our website to find out more.

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