The Hair Stylist’s Guide to Staying Organized

As a hair stylist, you definitely need skills. And we’re not just talking about those skills that have your clients leaving your chair looking fabulous. How about organizational skills? That’s probably something you didn’t pay attention to while in school.

If you’re like most stylists who rent booths, you’re not only juggling appointments … you’re trying to stay on top of a busy schedule that involves rotating multiple salon booths. And that’s when things can get really crazy.

Follow “The Hair Stylist’s Guide” to stay organized. Start with these 3 tips to get things under control.

1. Use an online calendar. If you move from salon to salon throughout the week, a notebook just won’t cut it. It’s not the most reliable method for keeping track of appointments. An online calendar allows you to check your schedule from a smartphone or computer so you don’t have to worry about misplacing an appointment book or reviewing multiple salon schedules.

An online calendar also is useful for clients. All they have to do is look up the date and time of their appointment or book a new one without having to call. Offering a feature that sends auto-reply text message reminders to clients also helps you keep track of those who are more likely to show up for appointments.

2. Manage your time wisely. Ignore this step, and you could easily go broke. While the ability to stay on top of a schedule is important, you need to really understand how many appointments you can handle in one day. Overbooking leads to delays and unhappy clients. On the other hand, underbooking means you may need to start taking up bartending to help pay the rent. Figure out the time it takes for certain appointments, such as a trim versus a cut and color, and schedule time accordingly. Constantly adjust. Every day will look different.

3. Keep essential tools on hand. If you don’t have a dedicated booth at a salon, you’re probably switching between multiple salons during the week. It also means you’re could up leaving behind your favorite round brush or best straightener at yesterday’s booth. A hair tool bag or caddy lets you pack the most-used tools and products and carry them with you. A heat-resistant bag is preferable, in case you have to go from one salon to another in a day.

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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

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For some, hairstyling’s a job. For others, it’s a passion: an innate gift that lights them up and drives them to outperform and overdeliver. Michelle G. is definitely the latter.

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