#HAIRJAM2016 Winner Feature: DaShay Johnson (@dashay_art) and His Shear Love of Hair

When we launched the #HAIRJAM2016 Instagram Hair Contest, we were so excited to see all of the amazing work of the many talented hairstylists and barbers flood our streams. Little did we know that the competition would be so fierce and we’d have such a hard decision to make!

One of the most fun categories in the #HAIRJAM2016 competition was the #hairjam_sheargenius16 category. One entry stood out above the rest.

DaShay Johnson, or @dashay_art on Instagram, launched DaShay’s Clipper Cutting Education and Training Workshops in 2013 to help hairstylists in the art of clipper cutting techniques. He’s also a salon owner, consultant and motivational speaker.

What made you want to become a hairstylist?

It was truly a gift. I have been cutting hair since the 8th grade. The reason I started to cut my own hair was because I didn’t think that my mom and dad were cutting my hair the correct way. So I decided to learn how to cut it myself.

From there I started to cut my cousin’s hair, then my uncle’s hair, then my friends at school and, by high school, I made a decision to do this for a living. Now we’re here 20 years later after hair school!

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is I get the opportunity to encourage people every day. I take pride in having my clients look good and feel good on the outside and within. To be able to take my experiences and share with them.

“When they leave my chair, my goal is for them to walk out feeling like they receive more than they deserve. That’s what I believe my purpose is. To serve and help other people!”

Your clients love and trust you. 💙

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Also it’s awesome to be an educator and to travel and meet wonderful people all across the world.

What are your specialties and favorite services to provide?

My main service is male grooming. I enjoy fading and blending and showing clean lines. By doing my best, every single client has opened many doors for me.

My special sauce is………. Love! Whatever I do, I put love behind it; that’s what makes people want to come back. This is something very simple but true. There’s something about believing in yourself that attracts people to you.

Do you have any best practices or tips you’d like to share with our community?

Understand that life is a process. You have to know where you are and know where you want to be. The space between where you are and where you’re going is called the process; learn to enjoy it. We all have to learn to live, one day at a time. Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are around you. Understand the law of attraction. This is something I have come to learn. There is a 100% good going on all the time. There is also a 100% bad going on all the time. Your perception and the way you see life will determine your outcomes.

What is some of the best advice you’ve been given during your career?

Put God first and work on yourself. You can only love other people the degree that you love yourself.

Who in the hairstyling industry inspires you? Why?

There are so many, but just to name a few: Lacie Wehrle – she is also an educator that inspired me to grow; very, very sweet lady. Ivan Zoot – he just took time to talk to me. Shannon Keel – very down-to-earth lady. Keon Washington – Class Act. And Ruby Device – she just inspires me.

If you had any advice for a new hairstylist, what would it be?

If you really want to be a hairstylist, life will call you out and challenge you to see if that’s what you really want to be. So make sure your passion is there because that’s what it’s going to take to get you through!

Be sure to follow @dashay_art on Instagram for some shear genuis and stay tuned for more #HAIRJAM2016 winner features. Cheers, #beautyKOs!

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