Give your Hairstyling Business a Makeover

You do it just about every single day. You transform your customers’ looks with stylish new cuts, highlights, weaves, and the other tricks up your sleeves. If your business has seemed a little stagnant lately, there’s a good chance it’s time for you to give your business the same makeover treatment.

Here are 4 key ways you can transform your business:

1. Go into business for yourself. If you’ve been in business for more than a minute, and you have your share of clients that are dedicated to you — and you only, you have the ingredients to pull off your own business. It doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking now that plenty of salons are offering booth rental as an option. Determine if you have what it takes to go the independent route. It could pay off with more income going into your pockets, according to one hairstylist who took the plunge. Make sure you weigh location and salon options before signing a contract.

2. Use technology. Still using a notepad? An appointment book? It’s time for an upgrade to streamline all of your operations. Invest in a tablet to easily make appointments and process payments using apps. Or if you prefer, use your smartphone to keep track of appointments, send reminders, and keep track of inventory.

3. Expand your marketing efforts. If you want your business to grow, then by all means you must dedicate yourself to developing a comprehensive marketing plan. That means you need to dedicate the time to outline your marketing strategy. Do you want to go all out on Facebook? Instagram? Both? What age group are you targeting? Make sure you’re targeting the places where your customers are hanging out. Provide updates on the latest trends as well as products that will give your followers insights on how to rock their hairstyles.

4. Build excitement. Go beyond the ho-hum. Give your clients a reason to look forward to sitting in your chair. Offer random discounts. Let them spin a digital wheel to see what comes up. Or surprise them with a small gift for being a long-time customer or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.

There’s no reason why your business should be stuck in a rut. There are plenty of ways to give your hair styling business an upgrade. And with Stylie, a point-of-sale tool designed specifically for independent beauty professionals, you can streamline your operations — making it easy to keep your newly made over business running smoothly.

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Deb Hudson

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