Let Your Booking Method Match Your Style: Modern, Sleek, Simple

The method of booking a hair appointment has evolved almost as fast as it takes for a client’s hair to process.

Ok, maybe not that fast, but it seems like it.

One change makes a big difference.

The evolution of the booking process has changed for the better, leaving behind bulky appointment books and making way for something we carry around with us all the time anyway: our smartphone.

Salons and independent stylists started with bulky appointment books. The first software platforms available were designed for salon management, not independent stylists. This was a layered communication chain that wasn’t a good fit for many stylists or their clients. Enhancing a client’s experience with their stylist should be personal and as direct as possible.

Leslie Donn Thompson, stylist at Meridian Design Group (MDG), began her career in a salon that utilized software for booking appointments. However, once she became an independent stylist, she could not find a similar software platform to fit her needs. She started with using her own calendar and spreadsheet on her laptop, but it wasn’t quite meeting all of her needs.

Change is good.

Then Leslie was introduced to Stylie.

“Using Stylie raises the level of customer service that my clients’ experience with me,” shares Leslie, who loves to see evolution within her industry. “I am happy with the ease of use for both me, as a stylist, and for my clients.”

What’s the advantage? While you’re catering to and styling your clients, Stylie is simultaneously working for you.

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What is Stylie doing while your clients are in the chair?

  • Booking your appointments
  • Automatically sending your marketing emails based on filters you sent up once
  • Reminding your clients they have an appointment with you
  • Confirming appointments with your clients
  • Answering questions about your hours and services you offer to future clients

The time saved by using Stylie will allow for an extra spot for a new client and help grow your business…more revenue for you! And speaking of more revenue for you, did we mention we offer a point of sale and inventory management?

And speaking of more revenue for you, did we mention we offer point of sale, inventory management, credit card processing, a salon relationship management, easy marketing automation for hairstylists and more? You can run your entire business from your smartphone.

Stylie is THE software for independent stylists. You’re not in this alone.

Are you ready to make your life easier? Sign up for Stylie One now using our special promo code BTC2016 for 60 days free.

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Deb Hudson

Deb Hudson

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Deb is our resident rockstar and your go-to resource for everything Stylie. She can help you answer questions about what Stylie offers, help you setup your account, and even help you find ways get the word out there about your business. She’s here to help you every step of the way.

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