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Resources are needed to accomplish any activity, especially when it comes to being your own boss as a hairstylist. These articles provide you with fun tips, tricks, and essential resources.


#ColorJam2017 Finalists Announced!

Here at Stylie, we always look forward to our #HAIRJAM and #COLORJAM contests because it allows us to share the work of so many amazing stylists and barbers. This #COLORJAM was no different! We had so many great submissions making it extremely difficult to choose the finalists. As a supporter of those who work so hard […]

Use Software to Run Your Salon Like a Pro

Use Software to Run Your Salon Like a Pro

As with any business, time is money. Using software to digitize your salon business can save you hours every month. In fact, some business owners are running their operations solely from their smartphones. Don’t believe us? Take a look at 6 ways software can help you successfully manage your salon business from the convenience of […]

The Colorist Feature: Simplifying & Upgrading Your Beauty Business Through Tech

The Colorist Feature: Simplifying & Upgrading Your Beauty Business Through Tech

As an independent hairstylist, we estimate you’ll typically manage 250 or more repeat clients, depending on the maturity of your business. Managing so many relationships can eat up time left for administrative and operational tasks (not to mention “me” time). But it shouldn’t. After all, the point of going solo is to gain more freedom […]

Britt Seva Tips to Increase Your Retail Sales

4 Tips from Britt Seva for Increasing Your Retail Sales

Retail sales in the salon industry have changed a lot over the past decade. In the past, if a client wanted a high-end shampoo or conditioning spray, they had to get it from you, the stylist. But now, retail stores everywhere are selling some of our favorite products, making it harder to compete. Some hairstylists […]

Free Agent Hairstyling Business

How to Make Your Free Agent Hairstyling Business Prosperous in 2017

Happy New Year, #beautyKO nation! I wish you and your business dreams an empowered and prosperous 2017! I am Kate Capko, a hairstylist, beauty industry consultant, and the curator of Free Agent Hairstylist™. Free Agent Hairstylist™ was created to provide independent hairstylists with the business knowledge and industry news they need to be successful…. on […]

Stylie Resources

Instagram for Independent Hairstylists: 4 Tips for Getting Started [Infographic]

As an independent hairstylist, you’re probably always looking for low-cost and easy ways to promote your business. Not everything has to be difficult or expensive! One of the best ways to market yourself is to have an active Instagram account devoted to your hairstyling business. Boasting over 500 million users, Instagram is an amazing place for […]

Use Software to Run Your Salon Like a Pro

Tips from Britt Seva: Successfully Double-Booking Your Schedule

Double-booking is not for the faint of heart, but if you can master the art, the rewards can possibly double your income. For many hairstylists, just the thought of double-booking can fill them up with anxiety. What if a client runs early? What if one is late? What if you need more time with one […]

Stylie 2016 Hair Contest Finalists

#HAIRJAM2016 Winners Announced!

Last week, we announced the #HAIRJAM2016 Finalists for the #hairjam_color16, #hairjam_sheargenius16, #hairjam_stylie16, #hairjam_technique16, and #hairjam_upandcoming16 categories. Today, it’s time to announce the winners. This was an extremely difficult decision as there were so many amazing entries! Again, we want to reiterate that no matter who wins, we want to give a collective round of applause to all of the talented stylists, […]

Stylie Resources

Instagram Guide for Independent Hairstylists

With over 500 million users and 60% of those users being daily users, Instagram is a mecca for hairstylists who want to showcase their goods in front of a hungry audience. Think of Instagram as your very own sales rep, wooing the attention, admiration and dollars of beauty-conscious clients looking for someone with your skills […]

Stylie 2016 Hair Contest Finalists

#HAIRJAM2016 Finalists Announced!

When we started the #HAIRJAM2016 Instagram Hair Contest, it was our goal to celebrate the work of amazing stylists and barbers. All we can say is WOW! We were absolutely amazed by all of the entries that were submitted and had a really hard time narrowing it down to just 5 finalists for each category. […]

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