The Hairstylist’s Top Tips for Keeping it all in Balance — Work, Life, Health

Anyone who decides to go down the road to entrepreneurship can expect to find it challenging to keep a work/life balance. You know what we mean? Trying to carve out time in your personal life to manage stress can be challenging when you’re trying to launch a successful business. Most entrepreneurs work an average of 55 to 60 hours a week, by some estimates.

Hairstylists especially can find it difficult to achieve that balance. If you’re running your business using the booth rental model, chances are you’re going solo. You’re doing everything — from managing your schedules and your books to pulling off your styling magic with dozens and dozens of customers. Who has time to breathe with that type of routine?

You must find the time to create some work/life balance, even if it means that you’re devoting 70 percent of your time to the business and 30 percent to your personal life. It’s a must. Otherwise you’ll burn out, running the risk of not having the energy to keep your business going.

Take a look at our top tips for maintaining a work/life balance.

Use online tools to simplify your business. If you’re still booking clients by phone or email, it’s time to use a more sophisticated tool that will streamline the process. Better yet, use a point-of-sale tool that allows you to manage inventory, check appointments, send out reminders, and a host of other tasks — all from your smartphone or tablet.

Schedule “down time.” It may seem weird that you would need a reminder to take time out for yourself, but that’s the reality of an entrepreneur’s life. If you don’t put it on your calendar, you’ll find a million other ways to pack your days with work. There’s always something that you could be doing. By committing to walking away from your work for an hour or two at least every couple of days, you’re more likely to dedicate some time to yourself. Meditate or enroll in a yoga class to manage your stress.

Consider raising your prices. Time is money. Are you charging enough for your time? If you haven’t raised your fees in several years, you may not be charging your customers enough for your services. Take some time to determine what your competitors are charging. It could be that you don’t necessarily need to bring in more customers; you need to raise your prices to maintain or increase your income.

Managing your own business as an entrepreneur is demanding. Free up time for your personal life by checking out Stylie, a point-of-sale tool designed with booth rental hair stylists in mind. We can help you do more in less time. Contact us to find out how.

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