The Curling Iron Ate My Appointment Book: Why Paper is the Independent Hairstylist’s Kryptonite

Imagine, your favorite client in the chair, you’re chatting away and suddenly, you smell something burning. What is that?

It’s your curling iron burning your appointment book. Your entire life relies on that appointment book, and suddenly the book that holds the future of your income is torched.

So why keep your entire business operations (yikes!) on a paper planner, 3×5 cards, appointment book, and other paper products where it can do irreparable damage to their wallet and reputation?

We are aren’t sure either.

Let us count the ways, based on common, real-life paper horror stories

Lost Damaged Forgotten Unorganized
Dropped in a parking lot Soiled in hair dye Left in someone's cart Messy notes you can't interpret later
Left behind on vacation Drenched in hot coffee Left in an airplane seat pocket Jumbled bookkeeping
Mixed up with someone else's belongings Burned with a curling iron Left at someone's home Unsure how to reach client
Thrown out with old magazines Chewed by a dog Left in a restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel Unclear or hard-to-find client info
Gone the way of lost socks and hair ties, never to be seen again "Who hair formula is this?"


What’s at stake?

Blabbing Umm… beyond sky-high stress, lost business, and a serious “black eye” to your reputation?

How about getting into hot water with the IRS because you can’t account for transactions, or messing up client appointments?

Or trying to undo the damage when you have no backup, and no one to call for support? (Paper doesn’t care, baby.)

As soon as your paper crisis becomes visible to clients—and it will—don’t think for a second clients will keep that faux pas to themselves.

Think about it: What’s a natural reaction when a vendor doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing?

As consumers, we take vendor mishaps to social media, blab about it to a coworker, and each time someone asks us for a recommendation. Your client will react to your “paper crisis” the same way, letting her friends know about how her stylist messed up.

Not the kind of word-of-mouth buzz that drives business, that’s for sure.

Whattya do?

Appointment BookEven when everything’s peachy, you have to admit paper calendars are a pain. They’re bulky and hard to carry everywhere—which you have to do if you want to be responsive to clients.

It’s not uncommon for clients to flood your phone, inbox, or social media accounts with requests to schedule, reschedule, or check when an appointment is. If you delay your response, you risk losing the business, frustrating the customer, having the customer lose interest, or forgetting to follow up later.

It’s why many hairstylists have turned to booking appointments on their default phone calendar app. That’s a step up, sure, but one that comes with its own landmines, like changing time zones (especially around Daylight Saving Time changes).

One hairstylist told us when DST came around, some of her appointments changed to the new time, and others didn’t. “For 12 weeks I had to call every client and ask them what time they were scheduled,” she said. “Very inconvenient and unprofessional.”

She quickly found other hairstylists were battling the same problem: “Some people I talked to lost appointments completely or had appointments save at incorrect times, leading some clients to show up when the stylist was unavailable!”

And, although more readily available than paper, generic calendar apps can still become inaccessible if the phone goes dead or missing for any reason. Plus, they severely limit the kind of information or business functions you can record (and recover) easily. Not an ideal solution.

What’s the answer, then?

Smart businesses require smart tools

Smart Tools for HairstylistsPerhaps you’ve experienced one or more of the scenarios mentioned above, and learned, the hard way, the kind of pain we’re talking about. If not, you will soon, as long as you keep running your business from paper or garden-variety calendars.

Before that happens, dump that trouble-magnet of a planner, and arm yourself with a smarter tool—the kind you can access from any web-enabled device, anywhere. The kind that lets you easily coordinate and access not just appointments or client notes, but all aspects of your business, from inventory to money matters, marketing tactics, relationship management, and more.

That kind of access and control requires a tool that’s custom-built for independent hairstylists, and stores your data securely in the cloud, so you can count on all business information and functions being just a tap away when you need them—whether you’re using your phone, a friend’s tablet, or a public computer.

Meet Stylie One: Independent Hairstylists Software

Of course, we’re biased. But only because we’ve worked hard to build a superior tool based entirely on the direction & feedback of hairstylists like you.

The end result was Stylie One, an unmatched tool to help you take your independent business to a higher, more profitable (and way less stressful) level.

We’d love to show you what Stylie can do, and how it compares to other solutions, delivering:

  • Mobile, on-the-go access
  • Simple, quick, and seamless calendar
  • Online scheduling that’s easy for you and for clients
  • POS & inventory management
  • Receipts, bookkeeping, discounts, and returns all processed automatically
  • Lower-fee credit card processing (2.75% flat transaction rate)
  • Automatic reminders and promotions sent to clients
  • Relationship manager with client insights and automatic thank-you notes
  • Automated texts, emails, promotions, incentives, rewards, and more.

Here’s Michelle, an independent stylist, sharing how she uses Stylie to run her business:

So, how ‘bout it, friend? Want a 30-day free trial? Click here and we’ll hook you up!

Whatever you do, remember this is your business, your sweat, your life. Do something different today that will make different outcomes possible.

Check out the infographic below for some ways to stay on top of your game.

Hairstylist Appointment Book Woes

Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

Hairstylist Consultant at Michelle My Stylist
For some, hairstyling’s a job. For others, it’s a passion: an innate gift that lights them up and drives them to outperform and overdeliver. Michelle G. is definitely the latter.

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