Standing All Day? Check Out These Healthy Tips for Hairstylists

Keeping your clients looking their best may seem like you’re performing a bit of magic. But anyone who spends a few days in your shoes knows it’s hard work — work that eventually takes a toll on your back, feet, legs, arms and hands. Studies also show that repeated exposure to chemicals could damage your health.

We’re not suggesting that you back away from your booth chair, bowl, brushes, and other magic tools. But we do want you to take steps to stay healthy by managing some of the occupational hazards that come along with your career. Here are 6 things to consider to maintain your stamina as a stylist, as well as promote your overall health.

  1. Ditch the heels. Of course, you should look stylish in this profession. Why should someone trust you to take care of their looks if you don’t take care of your own? However, that doesn’t mean you should be standing in the latest fashionable heels to get your job done. Invest in cushioned shoes that support your feet throughout the day. Consider the type of shoes that nurses and other medical professionals wear. For extra support, find shoes with laces, shock absorbent pads, and skid resistant soles.
  1. Watch how you stand. You may be tempted to shift your weight from one side to the other as you’re styling hair. According to Hair International/Associated Masters Barbers and Beauticians of America, that’s not the ideal stance. Stand firmly on both feet, placing equal balance on both. “People who are on their feet and standing in the same spot for a long period of time get into the bad habit of not putting their weight on both feet,” said John Payne of the association. “They don’t stand with all their weight distributed on both sides; they lean to one side or the other. After a period of time, you pull all the bones on one side up and push them down on the other side, and they pinch nerves.”
  1. Sit sometimes. Whenever possible, sit on a stool that’s designed to adjust to accommodate your styling needs. Give your feet and arms a rest.
  1. Cushion the floor. In many cases, hair stylists are working on concrete floors or other hard surfaces. Rubber work mats around your booth and workspace can cushion the impact. Not only will it help your feet, it can alleviate strain on your back.
  1. Stretch. We know, we know. You’re busy. You have clients lined up throughout your day. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take out a few minutes for you. Whenever possible, take frequent breaks to stretch out your muscles, breath deep and relax. And while you’re at it, schedule time for a healthy meal to maintain your energy.
  1. Check your products. Take inventory of the products you’re using to get a good assessment of the type of chemicals you’re exposing you and your customers to. Now may be a good time to check out some of the natural hair products on the market. The trend for organic beauty and hair products is expected to explode within the next 5 to 10 years. At any rate, be careful to wear gloves when using certain products and make sure your space is properly ventilated.

The bottom line? Take care of yourself as you knock it out with your hair styling business. Your health should always come first.

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