Thinking About Booth Rental? Check These Important Tips Before Jumping In

Making the transition from employee to being your own boss in the hair styling business can take you on the path to some great opportunities, not to mention more money in your pocket.

However, before the excitement takes over, make sure you’re not overlooking details that may seem small with your booth rental agreement. If left ignored, they could end up leading to misunderstandings with the salon owner. Here are some of those details you definitely want to cover to ensure you get off to a smooth start with your contract.

  • Schedule: As a business owner, you should be free to make your own schedule as long as you stay within the salon’s normal hours of operation. Some states have laws that govern the relationship between tenants and landlords. So make sure you know what those laws are in your state.
  • Lease: Take your time going over the booth rental agreement provided by your salon owner. Make sure all the specifics are included and that you understand them. Feel free to speak with the salon owner if you believe something is missing from the agreement. If there is something you would like changed, just ask. The worst that will happen from you asking is that the salon owner would say, “No.” If you still have concerns, check with an attorney. The fees could be worth the cost that comes with peace of mind.
  • Keys: If the salon is not open 24 hours, chances are you’ll need a key to accommodate your own schedule. Talk to the salon owner beforehand to ensure that you have access to the building when you need it.
  • Who provides what: Traditionally, you will be offered a work station including a mirror, salon chair and work space. There are also shared spaces such as shampoo stations and dryers. As a business owner, you have to purchase your own supplies. Shears, styling tools, hair products, towels, clips, foils, business cards and any other supply you need to successfully run your business.

Check your rental agreement to see if the salon you are renting at offers the use of a washer and dryer, drinks, a break room, credit card machine or anything else.

As long as you understand your booth rental agreement and are on the same page with your salon owner/landlord, your booth rental experience should be fun and successful.

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