Better Manage your Hairstyling Business with These 3 Important Habits

Running a hairstyling business takes a lot more than keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. Sure, you want to know which celebrity hairstyles are trending. But you need a routine that consists of daily, weekly and monthly habits. Keep up with them and you’ll grow your business.

1. Post on social media daily. Make sure your voice is getting heard. More than likely, you already have Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. But are you active on them? According to one survey, about half of small businesses are not active on social media — missing out on of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing tools out there. Take a few minutes each morning on your social media accounts. It could be as simple as giving a beauty tip — or, of course, reporting on those trending hairstyles.

2. Automate your business. Still operating your business like it’s 1999? Tap into the benefits of automation to get your business running smoothly and professionally. Don’t have time throughout the day to automatically respond to emails? Set up an automatic response to let them know you’ll get back to users know you’ll get back to them as soon as possible. Also, send tailored messages to your clients about deals that they would be interested in based on their preferences. Allow them to schedule appointments online and receive reminders about their appointments. Automation can also include incentives, bookkeeping and inventory. Manage these functions and offers weekly and monthly for a smooth operation.

3. Stay in the learning mentality. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Keep yourself up-to-date as a business owner as well as a stylist. Subscribe to industry newsletters to make sure you’re atop of the latest styling trends and products. Undergo training whenever possible. Your clients should always feel like you’re looking out for them by being among the best in the industry. Likewise, for your own interests, learn about what it takes to run your business successfully by following small business advice on various sites. Just recently, we found some interesting blogs on about 16 Powerful Body Language Tips and 22 Simple Habits from successful entrepreneurs. Check ‘em out!

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