In the Spotlight-Marissa Ramirez

Here at Stylie we have the opportunity of meeting so many talented professionals in the beauty industry. We can’t just keep all this talent to ourselves, so we want to share it with all of you! Here is our way of shining the spotlight on a few of these amazing individuals. 

Your Beauty Industry History

We want to know why you love what you do.

What inspired you to choose this career?
The power of changing a persons appearance and getting instant gratification from it.
What’s the best part of your job?
The end result

Your Special Sauce

We want to know why clients come to you.

What are your specialties and favorite services to provide?
Hair coloring
Do you have any best practices or tips you’d like to share with our community?
Never stop learning

Share Your Work!

Let’s see what you’ve got!

What are some of your all-time favorite client pieces you’ve done thus far?
Every color correction end result

Your #inspo

What makes you tick?

What is some of the best advice you’ve been given during your career? Never stop growing as a stylist

Who in the industry inspires you? Why? Alexis and David Owners of Pulp Riot color

If you had any advice for a new hairstylist, what would it be? You have to know the rules to break them.

Deb Hudson

Deb Hudson

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