Why you Need Liability Insurance for your Independent Beauty Business

If you’re renting a booth from a salon as part of your hair styling business, the details can get a bit fuzzy about who is responsible for what. Perhaps, the salon owner is more than happy to have you share receptionist services — greeting clients as they enter the door. However, the sharing is likely more limited than you think.

One of the most important areas that you need to consider is liability insurance. It could be the very thing that helps you stay in business for the long run.

According to the Salon Spa Association, it’s important to have your own insurance if you rent space or a chair in a salon. Since you’re an independent contractor, you’re not covered by a salon’s insurance. Some salons may even require that you purchase this type of coverage before you sign a contract with them.

Liability insurance can protect you against legal claims involving accident or injury, including these main areas:

General liability: This can protect you if a client or visitor falls on the property. There could be some dispute as to whether you or the salon owner is responsible. An argument could be made that if the client tripped over a wire from your flat iron that you’re responsible. Get the protection just in case to cover any legal expenses.

Damage caused by a product: Some clients may be allergic to a product that you’re using, whether it’s a color or some other type of chemical. Or you may accidentally burn a client with a hot styling tool. You could be sued for malpractice and/or product liability.

Explore the different types of liability insurance designed for hair stylists as well as cosmetologists, especially if you offer some services in that area. An attorney in your area can give you advice on the level of coverage you need based on your services.

Getting insurance can be a critical part of making sure your hair styling business is able to take off.

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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

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