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Often times, the first things that come to mind when people think about salons and stylists are makeup, nails, up-dos, and a room full of seats filled with women. It’s important not to forget about the value of male clients, and how to retain their loyalty.

According to the Priority Male Study performed by Modern Salon media, a majority of male clients — 47 percent — get their hair cut every 4 weeks. To highlight the significance of male clients, most women I know take a trip to the salon closer to every 6 weeks. Follow these tips to keep your male clients coming back to you.

Men use products too

A recent Google report shows that in 2015 there were 6 percent more searches performed about men’s hair than women’s hair. Once a male client is in your chair at the salon, find out what they look for in a product and use something you’re selling when you style their hair. Make sure you show them how to use the product at home to style themselves. This helps them understand the importance of devoting the time and money to their look through scheduled cuts and the great products you have on hand for them to purchase. No longer will they be just a loyal client; you could easily turn them into a loyal buyer as well.

Listen to your male clients’ individual needs

Not every guy wants to cover up the salt-and-pepper hairs they have or get the style that is trending right now. However, some do. Make sure you are asking your male customers the right questions that encourage them to choose their own style with your help. Always be honest and listen closely to their answers, difficulties, likes and dislikes.

Starting conversations and asking appropriate questions will assist you in gaining a better understanding of your male client’s lifestyle, which will lead to you being able to offer style tips that are relevant to them.

Take notes and schedule that next appointment

One of the keys to getting repeat clients – male or female – is to pay attention to what they say when they are in your care. It’s not enough to take mental notes of products you used, whether the customer bought or liked them or not, their preferred style, and anything else that stands out during the appointment.

Use an app to keep accurate records of all those details. They can automatically pop up once the client has scheduled the next appointment, ensuring that you’re prepared. Mention the product you used during their previous appointment, and maybe if they didn’t purchase it the last time they came in, they’ll buy it this time. If they didn’t like it, you can try out something else. Remember, knowledge is power!

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