Independent Beauty Professional Tips for Moving to a New Salon

It happens. Stylists decide it’s time to move on and space at a different location other than the where they are currently renting. It’s not a bad thing.

If you find yourself in this situation – as long as you handle it the right way – you’ll find that most, if not all, of your current clientele will be happy to follow you to the new location. Keywords are “handle it the right way.” You definitely want to make sure you aren’t violating any contractual agreements between yourself and the owner of the current location where you are renting from.

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Here are some helpful tips to prepare your clients for the move:

  • Any clients who have an appointment scheduled within the next two weeks will require a phone call from you. They are the most important clients to inform about the move ahead of time because you don’t want them arriving at your old location for their appointment just to find that you aren’t working there anymore.
  • Buy plenty of nice stamps and stationery. Emails will come next, but this step is important to do beforehand because they’re more formal and will likely be opened more readily than emails. Also, keep in mind that 17 percent of Americans create a new email address every 6 months so your list may not always be up to date. Type and save a letter informing your clients of the move, print as many copies as needed on that fancy stationery you purchased, and sign each letter by hand. This adds a personal touch to your letter and ensures that your client knows that they are important enough for you to take the extra time to do it.
  • It would also be to your advantage and your clients’ if you include a discount in your letter of higher value than you would normally offer. It’s another way of showing your client how much they are appreciated by you and in turn nudge them towards following you. Also include in your letter any information about the location you – and hopefully they – will be moving to, for example complimentary drinks, a more personal space, or other services that will be offered there that aren’t offered at your current location.
  • The final step is to email your clients letting them know about the move and the letter you sent in case they haven’t received it yet (make sure to mention that discount you included). You’ll want to wait about 3 to 5 days after sending the letters to do this. Include some of the details you included in your letter, such as the perks of the new place. Be absolutely positive to use the BCC: line if you are going to send a mass email. Putting every client’s email address in the To: line allows every client to see the rest of your clients’ email addresses.
  • One more nice but definitely optional thing to do is include a recommendation for a different stylist to schedule appointments with at your old location. Make sure the stylist knows you are going to do this and is okay with it. Hopefully all of your clients will follow you to the new location, but realistically there will be some who don’t or can’t.

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