The Hairstylist’s Top Tips for Getting Organized and Staying Organized

As a business owner, you’re probably looking at a long list of New Year’s resolutions to get things in a better place than they were this time a year ago. And, more than likely, you’re looking at a mix of personal and business goals.

How about achieving a better life-work balance? Or finally saying ‘No’ to that client that keeps cancelling and rescheduling — throwing everything out of whack? It could be that you’re looking to boost profits, as any small business owners would do.

Here’s one to put at the top of your list: Getting organized. It could be the key to having everything else fall into place. And it could save you a significant amount of time and money. One statistic reveals that disorganization costs companies 38 hours annually — per employee. In all, that type of disorganization — looking for misplaced items, for example, costs those companies $89 billion a year.

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That should give you a pretty good idea that disorganization, no matter the size of the company, can be costly. Here are 4 tips to help you be better organized this year.

1. Clean your office space. Are there paper receipts all over the place? Old paper records? A seriously dated filing system? Go through it all and throw away the things that are not necessary for tax purposes or accounting.

2. Switch to an automated system. Keep the clutter on your desk to a minimum by using an online automated system for recordkeeping, and other digital tools to streamline your operations. Make sure they’re user-friendly to ensure that you use them. Intuit, for example, has solutions for small business accounting. Stylie, our point-of-sale tool designed specifically for independent beauty professionals, takes into account the specific needs of the styling industry. Take a look at the features. With the cloud, you can be assured that you’re keeping track of important documents.

3. Throw away the appointment book. Use digital options that will help you maintain your scheduling with minimal paper — as in no paper. It also will save you hours and hours of juggling appointments to see if you can make it work.

4. Clean your inventory. Are things getting out of hand back there? Determine which products you’re ready to give up on and make room for better performing options. Don’t forget to plug your upgrades through your marketing channels — on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your website.

Now. Take care of all that, and you’ll be able to tackle all those other resolutions on your list. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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