How to Style Pigtails Without a Traditional Part

Sadie – our adorable model – is a big fan of pigtails. And to make this look even more fun, you can actually diverge from the “traditional” center part and create a fun, deep side part.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Find a comb that has a pick end so that you can draw a nice, straight part.
  • Use the pick end of this comb to create a part that starts as a deep side part and then draw the part line diagonally across the back of the head. It should literally be a diagonal line across the head, from the forehead to the neck.
  • Then – easily enough- secure each section with a rubber band. You can even braid the ends if you’d like to turn this into braided pigtails.

Why is this look so great? Because it adds a creative spin to a classic hairstyle. Plus, it’s adorable – an adorable hairstyle for an adorable girl. 🙂

And for our adult ladies, this is definitely a look that you can rock, too! Here are a few reasons why pigtails are perfect for women:

  • Pigtails are a great way to hide greasy hair. By securing your two ponytails (and maybe zapping your hair with some dry shampoo first), you have a fun look that will keep your dirty hair a well-kept secret.
  • It’s a fast and easy look to achieve. Heading out for a night on the town and want a trendy hairstyle? Pigtails are perfect and can be styled in minutes!
  • They are all over the runway right now! Did you check out Paris Fashion Week? If so, you will most certainly see the pigtail in its prime.

So however you decide to part your hair, we are big fans of the pigtail look over here at Stylie. Be sure to tag us on social media, #BeautyKOs, to show us your unique version of this timeless, adorable hairstyle.

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