Hear That? How to Pick the Perfect Playlist for Your Salon

Everyone knows that music can set the mood. Whether it’s that irritating so-called elevator music while you’re on hold or the soundtrack of an incredible horror movie, music can create a powerful effect.

For that reason, there’s no question you should carefully select a playlist to create a great atmosphere for your salon. In fact, studies show that if you pick just the right playlist, it can even encourage clients to spend more.

While independent beauty professionals may not have a lot of say as to whether you’ll hear the same Meghan Trainor song four times in a day, you can always encourage salon owners to play music that improves the energy in the salon.

Following are some considerations for picking the perfect playlist for a salon:

  1. Know the primary age group. Playing Kanye’s greatest hits at a salon that mostly caters to baby boomers probably won’t generate the atmosphere they’re looking for. Likewise, an oldies playlist probably won’t be appealing to a 20-something crowd. Take a look at who your primary clients are and base your music choices on their ages and what you think they’ll like. You can even make it more personal by simply surveying clients about the type of music they prefer. Who knows? Those 20-somethings may actually like tunes by The Flamingoes.
  1. Know the location. The salon’s location can give you an idea of what type of music may be best. A salon in a more rural area may be more likely to enjoy country or classic rock, whereas an urban salon could be more open to R&B or pop. Again, gauge clients’ reactions to anything you play to get an idea of whether you should switch it up.
  1. Consider the time of year. Your winter playlist probably sounds a lot different from your summer playlist, and the salon’s should too. Summer is a great time for upbeat party tunes, while winter is more suited to mellow, relaxing songs. Also consider the holidays when making your playlists. Valentine’s Day, July Fourth and Christmas all give you an opportunity to make fun holiday mixes.

If you can’t convince the salon manager to improve the music selection, make a request to move your booth to a more secluded section of the salon where you can hook up your own music player for your clients. Just make sure your playlist isn’t clashing with the salon’s music.

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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

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