2016 Software & Technology Guide

2016 Software and Technology Guide

Being an early adopter of the latest tech is essential to creating a positive client experience. For those itching to expand into the indie business community, Stylie One will serve as your favorite resource. Salon Today, a leader in reporting on the latest business and technology trends, dissects through Stylie One’s most advantageous features in […]

Stylie Desktop and Mobile App for Salons

Stylie launches first-of-its-kind tool for independent stylists

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 300,000 hairstylists nationwide work independently as a freelancer or booth renter. And Stylie is looking to capture a large slice of this market with Stylie One, a seamless business management solution built exclusively with indie hairstylists in mind. This narrative from Indiana’s TechPoint, a statewide news leader […]

Stylie One: A new business solution for hairstylists

Want to cut down on time spent on administrative processes? Sit down and let Stylie One handle the work. The application is helping beauty professionals turn around more profit by increasing the opportunity to connect deeper with clients. Josic Media, a leader in digital trends and news, has the extensive story on how the technology […]

Sweet Tart Beauty - Interview with Chad Hankinson

Stylie One Interview: The latest and greatest tool for independent stylists

Unlike other solutions on the market, Stylie One’s team has spent decades pursuing the vision of simpler software and more intuitive design. At the Premiere Orlando Show, Stylie’s Chad Hankinson discussed the inspiration behind the launch of Stylie One with Sweet Tart Beauty, a leading lifestyle and beauty blog. The conversation sparked the creation of […]

Stylie Booth at the Premiere Hair Show

Stylie wows at Premiere Orlando Show

From client-based apps to amped-up marketing features and upgraded online appointment programs, today’s independent beauty professionals are seeking for the most cutting-edge tools to help their businesses run smoother. With the marketplace’s desire for a more intuitive solution to business management, Stylie has quickly evolved into an industry game changer with the launch of Stylie […]

Let Your Booking Method Match Your Style: Modern, Sleek, Simple

Tired of dull hair? Break free with summer hair tips from Stylie

With colder weather coming to an end, many are attempting to break free from tired, dull hair. To help Hoosiers reinvent their locks, Indy Style, the city’s No. 1 daytime lifestyle show, invited Stylie consultant and independent hairstylist Leslie Thompson to the studio to share tips on how to create the trendiest summer updos. As […]

Beauty Launchpad Feature on Stylie

Just My Stylie

As the industry’s leading publication on everything beauty-related, Beauty Launchpad has become the go-to source for those eager to build skillsets and remain competitive in the oversaturated marketplace. In June, the magazine gave thousands of readers an exclusive look at how Stylie One helps indie hairstylists seamlessly manage all aspects of business. With the industry […]

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