Tips on Product Control for the Independent Stylist

Working as a hair stylist has its perks. Working in the salon industry and interacting with an interesting mix of people are among them. But free product samples also lands solidly at the top of list. Perhaps moreso than your favorite pair of shears, shampoos, styling gels, frizz tamers, conditioners and other products are the heart of your business.

And that assortment of products, including the free samples and those that emerge as your favorites, can quickly pile up. This is where your challenge comes in: You not only have to organize your inventory, you must keep track of which products work best for each of your clients. A challenge indeed, especially if your independent beauty business is taking off.

Here are a few tips on keeping everything under control, as well as maximizing opportunities to introduce the right products to the right clients — and boost your income through the sales of their favorite items. 

Claim your independence. First things first. If you’re renting space in a salon, remember that you’re under absolutely no pressure to use the same products the owner is trying to promote. A salon owner cannot tell you which products you can or cannot promote. You set your own rates, choose what promotions you want to run, and create your own schedule and dress code. At least that’s the way it should be.

When reviewing and signing a booth rental agreement with a salon owner, make sure you are both in agreement on these topics. Being a business owner, renting a booth, you are free to decide what products you want to purchase, promote, use, and sell.

Manage inventory. You should always be able to quickly assess whether or not you have the best products for your clients at a moment’s notice. If you haven’t made the leap to a digital organizational solution, now is the time. In any business, time is money and your hair styling business is not exception. Cut the time it takes to review inventory with an app that monitors your inventory and alerts you when you’re running short.

Match client favorites. As you add on new clients, it’s challenging enough to remember their names — let alone their hair textures, hair challenges, and ideal product matches. Again, this is where you need to keep information at your fingertips. That product control, as well as client intel, will help you look professional and always ready to please.

Need help staying on top of it all? How about checking out Stylie, a point of sale tool designed specifically with the needs of independent stylists in mind. Stylie has features that help you manage inventory, client data and marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn more.

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