Road map to Success- 5 steps for setting and achieving your goals

The last blog, #thisisouryear was all about coming together to make something great!! It was about adopting a vision where we challenge and push each other to do better and make this the best year EVER!!

The first step we talked about is that it’s a choice. We must decide what we want and commit to putting the work in to get there.

So…now how do we start? By setting goals. Without goals, it will be hard to know if we are heading in the right direction. Goals are the roadmap to accomplishing our vision.

It’s like deciding to go on vacation without choosing a location. All we know is that we want to go somewhere where it’s hot, there is a beach, and it’s somewhere new. So we put the work into packing everything, making sure clients know we will be gone and that they are taken care of, and making sure our pets and house are going to be watched over and safe!

We have done all the pre-vacation work and now we are ready for the journey. So we jump in the car and start driving. We aren’t using GPS and we aren’t watching for signs… but in our mind, it’s okay because we’re moving.  We have our swimsuit ready and our sunscreen is packed. What else do we need?!?!

However, after a long day(s) of driving, we look up and realize we are in the middle of… South Dakota!!!

Now there is nothing wrong with South Dakota. In fact, there are some really cool things to see there like Mount Rushmore. But, it’s not the kind of vacation we were dreaming of. There definitely isn’t a beach, we may or may not have been here before, and depending on what time of year it is, it could be quite the opposite of hot. So, what happened? It’s not that we didn’t want a vacation or put work in to get there, but we had not planned on how to get to where we were trying to go.

Without goals, it’s going to be hard to navigate through the day to day decisions and know if we are getting closer or farther away from accomplishing our vision. We are going to be guessing if we should be dedicating more time for education or if we should be trying to acquiring new clients. It’s going to be hard to know if we need to make a move to a new location, or if we are in the right spot. We will make decision after decision not really knowing if we are heading in the right direction.

By setting goals, we can filter everything through whether this is helping achieve our vision or if it is distracting us from where we need to go.

So let’s take some time to map out those goals- those things that are going to help make it the best year ever.

Here are five ways to help us set and achieve our goals this year:

  1. Keep Your Vision in Mind  – Each goal should be a stepping stone to the overall vision.  If the goal does not help accomplish the vision, don’t make it a goal.  For example, if someone wanting to become a concert pianist, they aren’t going to sign up for guitar lessons.
  2. Be Specific: The adage is that if you aren’t aiming at something then you will miss it every time.  Each goal should be something that can be measured and not vague.
  3. Set Timetables: Put time on each part of your plan. Don’t get much broader than quarterly when mapping out yearly goals. Time helps hold us accountable and on the right path.
  4. Share with Someone You Trust: Remember we are doing this together! Make sure you are sharing your goals so that you can be encouraged and motivated!  I know I would love to hear your goals for the coming year!
  5. Revisit Your Goals: Schedule time throughout the year to revisit. It’s easy to be taken down a side road and before you know it you’re way out in the middle of nowhere.

What are your goals for this year? Let us know below or tag us on Instagram! Remember, together we can say #thisisouryear!

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Deb Hudson

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