7 Tips to Market your Salon Business with a Tiny Budget

As a small business owner — whether you’re running your hairstyling business from a studio salon or a booth, the key to profitability is keeping costs down while maximizing profits. Why spend money on top-of-the-line equipment when middle-of-the-line will do?

The same goes with marketing. You can get big results even if you have a tiny budget.

Here are 7 tips to get a huge bang for your buck with your marketing investment:

1. Make a plan. Sure, you’re small, but you don’t have to come across as “small” with your professionalism. Invest at least 3 or 4 hours determining what your brand is all about. Think of your own personality. Are you sophisticated? Fun? Classy? Quirky? Everything that reflects your brand — your website, newsletters, social media, and your booth or salon — should seem cohesive.

2. Use social media. This shouldn’t be news to you, beauty pros. Of course, you should have a social media marketing strategy. Just make sure you’re social effectively. You’re in the business of making people look and feel more beautiful. Use plenty of visuals, and update frequently as trends come and go. If there’s room in your budget, you can even invest in social media ads to target your preferred audience.

3. Partner with other businesses. Think of other businesses that are complementary to yours. Do you know of a clothing boutique in your area? A jewelry store? Offer to provide discounts to their clients in exchange for promoting their business.

4. Provide helpful tips. Whether you’re posting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, offer helpful tips on taking care of your hair, skin and nails — anything beauty related. Keep the tips short and informative.

5. Run a contest. Build some excitement by developing a contest that gets your clients excited. It will only cost you the price of your services for the freebie. Once a quarter, give away a free salon service to boost interest in your brand. If you’re in a business district, you can keep it simple. Have customers place their business cards in a bowl for a chance at a free service. Or go with a more complex plan, inviting people to nominate someone who deserves a special spa day during a holiday — such as Valentine’s Day!

6. Develop a customer loyalty program. Many businesses offer customer loyalty programs. But it gets to be a pain when you have to keep up with cards offering discounts for half a dozen or more companies. Make it easy by developing an online customer loyalty program, allowing them to easily keep track of their “points.”

7. Host a beauty class. Think about the latest trends in the beauty industry. Host classes or sessions centered around those trending topics. Invite other beauty specialists to join you!

As you continue to market your business, you will find that more ideas and opportunities will emerge. Keep it going!

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