5 Reasons to use a Website to Boost Your Salon Business

When you have a hairstyling business running on all cylinders, along with your social media game, why do you need to add a website to the mix?

There are plenty of reasons to invest your time, resources or funds to create a website — whether or not you run your business with the traditional salon model or if you’re working independently as a booth renter.

Take a look at 5 ways a website is a great idea for upgrading your business.

1. Adds credibility. Unless you’re one of those fortunate hair stylists who can’t accept another client, you’re looking to get the attention of new customers. A website is the place where people go to find out what you’re all about. It’s usually the first impression a prospective customer has of your business. Take it a step further by highlighting your work on current clients as well as their testimonials.

2. It helps you get “found.” Many of your new customers will come to you because of a friend’s recommendation or they came across your ad on Facebook or other social media platforms. Wouldn’t it be nice if they just came across you in a Google search? Use your website, as well as keywords, to help you get discovered in a search. Remember to think locally. If you live in Baltimore, Md., your copy should contain a few references to “hairstylist in Baltimore.” That’s how SEO works.

3. Eliminates the need to take phone calls. You shouldn’t be picking up the phone to answer questions about your hours of operations, fees or types of services. These all can be listed on your website. And, as we all know, anytime you can focus on actually doing hair instead of answering questions, you can spend more time making money.

4. Cross promote. Of course, your website is not the only place to find out about your services and what you’ve been up to as a stylist. Post links to your social media accounts, clearly highlighting ways to follow you. This also adds to your credibility as a hairstylist. It adds a comprehensive note to your business.

5. Invite visitors to sign up for emails/texts. Make sure forms are readily available on your website, inviting visitors to sign up for updates on beauty news, promotions, specials, and other incentives. Clearly state what will be coming their way in their inboxes.

6. Provide online booking of appointments. Another way to streamline your operations is to set up a function that allows for online scheduling of appointments. Set your own guidelines on which types of appointments can be made online. For example, you may decide that chemical treatments that take longer will require your review before being accepted.

Getting into a website doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive, especially with the ability to use platforms that allow you to do them yourself. And the bonuses can’t be ignored. With a website, you’re able to anchor all of your marketing efforts as well as provide the functionality that can boost your profitability.

You’re not alone. Creativity is something that you and ONLY you can dictate! 🎨

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