How to Create Effective Salon Referral Programs

When you’re brainstorming affordable ways to get new clients, don’t forget the usefulness of referral programs. Your current clients serve as advertisers for your work and the customer experience they enjoy at your salon. They’re familiar with you, and love the work you do. So it doesn’t take much to get them to spread the word.

Here are tips and things to consider when creating your referral program:

Customer service: Clients expect a positive customer experience when they come to your salon. Take the time to make sure your clients know how special they each are to you. This is vital for a successful referral program.

Simply ask: Maybe your clients aren’t aware that you have openings so they aren’t telling their friends about your business. Let your clients know how much you appreciate them and enjoy their visits and ask them to spread the word.

Use rewards as incentives: It’s important that your rewards add value as opposed to discounting the services you offer. You charge a certain price for your work for a reason; because it’s worth it! Consider offering a discount on product or perhaps discounting a service your client has shown interest in but hasn’t tried it yet. The best referral program using rewards will reward the referring client and the referred client.

Give your clients something physical to use for referrals: If you’re running a current referral program with rewards, give your clients referral rewards cards to hand out to their friends. Otherwise, at least always give them some business cards so they have something handy with your contact information on it to pass out to interested parties. Include a line for the person who made the referral to write their name on it too.

Make your referral program known: There are many ways to let your clients know about your referral program. You can advertise it in the salon, post about it on social media, or write a blog post about the program on your website.

Using these tips are sure to make your referral program a success. And always thank your clients for their business and for referrals.

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Michelle Guetersloh

Michelle Guetersloh

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