5 Tips to Pump up the Volume of Your Salon’s Social Media Pages

By now, you know that social media is one of the best ways to reach new clients and communicate with your current ones. In a world where 56% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels are marketing must-haves for your business. If you already have a Facebook page, you’re already ahead of the game.

But these 5 tips can help polish it off and generate more engagement. And, of course, more engagement boosts your personal brand and your potential to bring in more income. Take a look and get started on your new social media strategy.

  1. Use slick Professional Photos. From your cover photo to your daily posts, photos provide your first opportunity to make an impression on new clients. It’s a prominent, eye-catching element of your beauty business Facebook page, and it should immediately tell the viewer what kind of experience they’ll have. For your cover photo, choose a clear, high-resolution image that shows you at work and at your salon best. Now is not the time to resort to stock images. It’s critical that potential clients feel comfortable when they walk , and your cover photo is where they begin familiarizing themselves with you. If necessary, hire a professional photographer to capture a clean, well-lit photo of you in action. Or invest in a DSLR camera to learn how to take professional-looking photos yourself. It’s not even necessary to hire models. Of course, you want to recruit your customers to model your hair styling skills.
  2. Use posts to tell stories. You want to make sales. But that shouldn’t be the focus of your posts. Don’t bombard your followers with discounts or coupons of the day. Give them eye candy with those photos, and plenty of stories. Here’s a truth. Facebook posts don’t sell services, and they don’t land clients. Stories do. The stories you tell with your posts will help clients form or strengthen a connection with your brand. Feature posts that build trust in those relationships. For example, post photos from a child’s first haircut, a Locks of Love donation, or fancy updos for a wedding or prom, and accompany them with a brief story from the client. Your readers will know that you will connect with them on the same level you’ve connected with the clients in the featured photos.
  3. Host contests and quizzes. Everyone loves Facebook contests and quizzes. They’re a surefire way to generate a lot of comments, shares, or likes in a short amount of time, but it can be tricky to retain much of that interest. It may seem counterintuitive, but you’re more likely to land new clients with contests that require the reader to invest some time in the process. Ask for stories of their worst salon experience (bonus: learn what not to do!) or ask them to post their most embarrassing school photo with a clever caption. This not only weeds out the casual “just give me the gift card” applicants, it requires the viewer to think about and consider your services before they submit their entry. The more time the viewer spends on your page, the more likely they are to remember your brand in the future.
  4. Offer bite-sized tidbits. Think about your Facebook feed these days. Chances are, many of the posts you see are posts that your friends have shared from other pages or companies. Consumers love small, easy-to-digest pieces of information, and every time they share one of your posts, it exposes new potential clients to your brand. Brief “how-to” videos featuring easy DIY styles or makeup techniques (if you offer cosmetology services) or “Helpful Beauty Tip of the Day” posts are easy for viewers to share and save for future reference. Alternatively, you may feature a “Look of the Week” or exceptional before and after photos with a call to action to share with friends. This requires some thought and dedication. Think of one to two themes you can post on a regular basis. Think about Throwback Thursday as an example.
  5. Communication, communication, communication. Never forget that social media can translate into sales. Users are more likely to visit your salon if they’ve had a positive interaction with your via your Facebook page or other social media channels. This is why it’s important that you monitor your page and engage with users regularly. Use it as a two-way conversation. Engage with those who are interacting with you via social media. Most businesses today will resolve simple customer service issues or answer questions via social media, and yours should be no different. Watch your private inbox for questions about hours, services, or appointment times, and respond within 24 hours (or sooner if possible).

Like all business pages, your Facebook page will feature a responsiveness rating that tells users how quickly they can expect to hear from you. Keeping your response time under 24 hours will pay dividends in engagement and conversion. This demonstrates to the user that their inquiry — and their business — is important to you and that you’re responsive to their needs.

Don’t think of your Facebook page as one more thing that takes time away from your work. Make time for it as part of your daily routine, and you’ll not only attract new clients, but your current ones will feel a closer connection to your brand (and they’ll spread the word!).


Deb Hudson

Deb Hudson

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