3 Lame Excuses to Eliminate About Running Your Own Styling Business

So, what do 300,000 hairstylists have that you don’t? It could be that they can attach the name “boss” to their resumes — and you can’t. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, that’s how many hairstylists are running their own businesses using a booth rental model or working as a freelancer.

Maybe you thought about it but kept coming up with excuses for not making the jump to being your own boss. If that’s the case, it may be time to start eliminating the excuses and get on with the business of running your own business. Here are 3 excuses you can dismiss right now.

  1. Overhead is too expensive. The booth rental model — which is now estimated to make up 50 percent of the nation’s salon structure — provides you with a way to start your own business without the pain of investing in your own equipment, building out a structure, or signing a long-term lease for a building. Besides that, you’ll have numerous options to choose from since this has become a familiar offering in the industry.
  1. It’s too hard to juggle the different responsibilities. Saying “good bye” to your current boss can be difficult, especially if you’ve had a great working relationship. But besides the sentimental reasons, you’re also letting go of conveniences like receiving help with scheduling, inventory and steady business. However, today’s digital tools enable you to take over those tasks with ease. For example, plenty of stylists are using Stylie, a point-of-sale tool that helps them manage inventory, schedule appointments, process credit card payments and more — all from the convenience of a smartphone or other mobile device.
  1. I don’t have business experience. You don’t need an MBA to run a business. While running a business is not a simple endeavor, overcoming the barriers to marketing (ie. promoting yourself) are not as prohibitive as they were just 7 to 10 years ago. You can build a website with platforms like Wix.com, launch a social network marketing campaign with Facebook and Instagram as core components, and spread the word the old-fashioned way — word of mouth. And besides, what you don’t know you can find out by Googling it.

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Deb Hudson

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