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From how to use booth rental to boosting your income to essential steps to launching a successful independent business, Stylie is here to guide the way to ensuring a successful future for independent hairstylists. Check out these guides and eBooks for some great tips.

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Instagram for Independent Hairstylists: 4 Tips for Getting Started [Infographic]

As an independent hairstylist, you’re probably always looking for low-cost and easy ways to promote your business. Not everything has to be difficult or expensive! One of the best ways to market yourself is to have an active Instagram account devoted to your hairstyling business. Boasting over 500 million users, Instagram is an amazing place for […]

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Instagram Guide for Independent Hairstylists

With over 500 million users and 60% of those users being daily users, Instagram is a mecca for hairstylists who want to showcase their goods in front of a hungry audience. Think of Instagram as your very own sales rep, wooing the attention, admiration and dollars of beauty-conscious clients looking for someone with your skills […]

Appointment Scheduling App for Beauty Professionals

The Curling Iron Ate My Appointment Book: Why Paper is the Independent Hairstylist’s Kryptonite

Imagine, your favorite client in the chair, you’re chatting away and suddenly, you smell something burning. What is that? It’s your curling iron burning your appointment book. Your entire life relies on that appointment book, and suddenly the book that holds the future of your income is torched. So why keep your entire business operations […]

How to Get Ready for Booth Rental

Free Guide: How to Get Ready for Booth Rental

So you’ve been thinking about the move to booth rental… and getting really amped for all the possibilities this new career path could hold! It’s a scary jump, isn’t it? But the only thing that makes it so scary is the fear of the unknown, which is why Stylie wants to help prepare you completely […]

Give your Hairstyling Business a Makeover

Marketing is Not Easy – A Stylist’s Guide to Getting it Done

First, the good news about marketing yourself as a stylist — in this digital age, you can accomplish a whole lot without spending a whole lot of money. Now, the bad news … or, maybe bad news for some hair stylists. It takes commitment and a significant amount of time to do it right. Whether […]

How to Get Referrals for Your Hairstyling Business

Sick? Hairstylist’s Guide to Canceling or Keeping Appointments

You’re a hair stylist. Your clients are counting on you. And, more than likely, you’ve got your schedule down to a science. Nothing messes up all that more than shivers, chills, coughs and sniffling — all common signs that you be coming down with a cold, the flu or a funky virus. Being a #hairstylist […]

How to Use Booth Rental to Maximize Your Income and Free Your Time

Free Guide: How to Use Booth Rental to Boost Your Income & Free Your Time

Look around. See that shift? More and more of your fellow hairstylists are trading conventional employment for business ownership. With booth rental, they’re finding greater flexibility and control over where, when, and how they work. (And how much they earn.) This free guide is perfect for booth renting #hairstylists looking to boost their income! Click […]

The Anatomy of [Rockin’] Hairstylists

The secret of thriving, self-employed hairstylists? They’re great self-managers. They understand simple habits and tools can put much of their daily operations and decision-making on autopilot, so they can grow their business without losing their mind – or their customers. On that note, they’re also great managers of public perception. In the eyes of your […]

4 essential steps to launching a successful salon business

4 Essential Steps to Launching a Successful Salon Business

It’s a good time to be in the salon business. The glorious hair styling business is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.2 percent — hitting $58.7 billion by 2019, according to IBISWorld. But that doesn’t mean you’re automatically guaranteed success by just pulling out your styling gear and getting to work on […]

How to Style a Faux French Twist

5 Fabulous Tips for Becoming a Celebrity Hair Stylist

Many of us look at celebrity hair stylists and are a bit awed. We wonder just how did they get there. Well, as any celebrity hair stylist — or celebrity for that matter — can tell you, they didn’t get there by pure luck or even pure talent. You won’t attract the attention of celebrities […]

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