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Undercuts a Growing Hair Trend

Hairstylist Feature: Kelsey Deuel on Undercuts, a Growing Hair Trend

Over the past few years, a growing trend has been popping up in the hair nation, and it looks like it’s here to makes waves in 2016. Undercuts, which have traditionally been popular for men, are becoming more mainstream for women, adding a bit of an edge to an overall look. Undercuts are fun because […]

Bobs, Bangs and Business, Baby!

Bobs, Bangs and Business, Baby!

About 90 percent of running a successful styling business is making your clients look fantastic. Consider them your top marketing strategy — walking billboards, if you really think about it. Part of keeping your “walking billboards” looking great is keeping up with the latest hair trends, including those worn by their favorite celebrities in 2016. […]

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