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What to do When You Have a Cold

What to do When You Have a Cold

Despite our super styling strength, hairstylists are still human… which means that occasionally, we will get sick and catch a cold. And because we literally work so closely with our clients, there are certain precautions we must take and polite gestures we must make in order to keep our germs to ourselves and keep our […]

How to Get Referrals for Your Hairstyling Business

Sick? Hairstylist’s Guide to Canceling or Keeping Appointments

You’re a hair stylist. Your clients are counting on you. And, more than likely, you’ve got your schedule down to a science. Nothing messes up all that more than shivers, chills, coughs and sniffling — all common signs that you be coming down with a cold, the flu or a funky virus. Being a #hairstylist […]

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Hair Salon

Boost Booth Rental Profits by Knowing your Clients’ Beauty Preferences

Quick. What’s the No. 1 product your clients are purchasing at their favorite beauty supply store? Is it a skincare product? Hair products? Nail polish? Don’t have a clue whatsoever? If you’re not taking the time to really get to know your clients and their preferences — from beauty essentials to top indulgences, you could […]

4 essential steps to launching a successful salon business

How to Avoid Chaos and Set Boundaries as an Independent Hairstylist

When I first transitioned to being an independent hairstylist, I didn’t set boundaries with my clients. I didn’t know I needed to, in the beginning. I was actually looking forward to a more personal experience with my client base. Little did I know, not setting boundaries would lead to a greater disservice to my clients. […]

How to Create Effective Salon Referral Programs

4 Steps to Building Salon Packages That Actually Sell

We’re all familiar with special packages, whether it’s a combo meal at your favorite fast-food restaurant or the gift packages containing your favorite skin care products. And what works for other companies, can work for your salon services — whether you’re a booth renter, an owner or an employee. Developing packages can be the key […]

Ways to Challenge Yourself as an Independent Independent Beauty Professional

Hear That? How to Pick the Perfect Playlist for Your Salon

Everyone knows that music can set the mood. Whether it’s that irritating so-called elevator music while you’re on hold or the soundtrack of an incredible horror movie, music can create a powerful effect. For that reason, there’s no question you should carefully select a playlist to create a great atmosphere for your salon. In fact, […]

Hey stylists! Don’t be afraid to upsell services

Hey Stylists! Don’t Be Afraid to Upsell Services

Face it. You only have so many hours in a day. And only so many clients that can fit into your schedule. But yet you want to increase your income. Don’­t run the risk of ticking off all your clients by overbooking, trying to squeeze more of them into your timeslots. The sales aspect of #hairstyling […]

Never Forget that Time is Money in the Salon Business

The Smart Stylist’s Guide to Maximizing Holiday Earnings

Are you ready? With Christmas just a few short weeks away, hairstylists will be gearing up for the busiest season of the year. As a booth renter, it’s likely you don’t have to worry about decorating the salon or approving employee time-off requests (thank goodness). However, you should be making some preparations — so you’re […]

Upselling Beyond Your Styling Services

Upselling Beyond Your Styling Services

As a hairstylist, you know your clients are relying on you to look fabulous. Of course, that includes recommendations on making their hair look the best. You can give them advice all day, but providing them with products that will actually do the job is much more effective at helping them maintain it. By upselling […]

5 Ways to Pamper Your Clients

5 Ways to Pamper Your Clients

As a stylist, it’s important to remember where your success comes from. And, no, it’s not just your natural born talents. We’re talking about the clients who are paying to sit in your chair. Your best tipper and even that habitual no-show (we all have one, don’t we?) deserve a little appreciation sometimes. But pampering […]

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