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Tips to Keep and Expand Your Client Base

Tips to Keep and Expand Your Client Base

Building a client base is arguably the most important objective for any business owner. As a hairstylist, attracting new clients while providing exceptional service to current ones can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A part of the job is winning hearts. ❤️✂️ A post shared by Stylie (@gostylie) on Feb […]

How to Give Yourself a Promotion as an Independent Hairstylist

Keep Things Sanitary and Healthy in Your Hairstyling Business

More than likely, you’ve heard your share of cases in which customers have filed complaints or lawsuits against hairstylists and cosmetologists for damaged hair, hair loss, infections, or a host of other issues. While you may not face a lawsuit anytime soon, it is good business to make sure you’re maintaining healthy habits for your […]

Use Software to Run Your Salon Like a Pro

Tips from Britt Seva: Successfully Double-Booking Your Schedule

Double-booking is not for the faint of heart, but if you can master the art, the rewards can possibly double your income. For many hairstylists, just the thought of double-booking can fill them up with anxiety. What if a client runs early? What if one is late? What if you need more time with one […]

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Hair Salon

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Hair Salon

As a hair stylist, you’re already in the business of pampering your customers — giving them the royal treatment when they get into your chair. How about taking it a step further? In this digital era, when it’s so easy for a customer to tell the world about your great service or, worse yet, your […]

The stylists’ guide to fabulous customer service

The Stylists’ Guide to Fabulous Customer Service

In the world of styling, our customer service skills may be the last thing clients are thinking about when they book an appointment. They probably want to know if we can make them look like the celebrity in “this photo.” Or what we can do to make their split ends go away for good. How […]

5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Building a loyal client base is arguably one of the most difficult parts of being a hairstylist – even more so if you rent booths at multiple salons. However, there are methods you can use no matter where you rent that will keep clients coming back. Customer loyalty is everything! Learn what clients expect and be in […]

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Hairstyling Business

How to Build Your Clientele

The hardest part of being an independent stylist is building a client base. Even if you rent booths at multiple salons, you can’t rely solely on the new patrons you find there. Attracting new clients – and keeping them – requires a lot of networking and marketing. Here’s how you can start to build your […]

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