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Hey Beautiful, Avoid These 3 Mistakes in the Hair Salon Business

How to Style a Quick Side Updo

Prom is coming up and wedding season is around the corner, which means that you’re going to need an elegant hairstyle to compliment the occasion. What could be more perfect than a side updo? In this video, Stylie’s talented hairstylist, Michelle G., is going to show you the secret to making this oh-so-lovely hairstyle come […]

How to Style a Quick and Easy Updo

How to Style a Quick and Easy Updo

A few episodes ago, Michelle G. showed us how to do a fun half-up hairstyle. But she’s not done yet! In this latest video, she’ll show you how to take that half-up and turn it into a quick and easy UPDO in just a few minutes. All you’ll need are bobby pins and a good […]

What to do When You Have a Cold

What to do When You Have a Cold

Despite our super styling strength, hairstylists are still human… which means that occasionally, we will get sick and catch a cold. And because we literally work so closely with our clients, there are certain precautions we must take and polite gestures we must make in order to keep our germs to ourselves and keep our […]

Hey Beautiful, Avoid These 3 Mistakes in the Hair Salon Business

How to Style a Fun Half-Up Hairdo

Sometimes, the “half-up” hairstyle is a fun and sultry way to dress up any look – whether you’re headed to the office or headed to a cocktail party. It adds instant glamour. In this video, Michelle G. – Stylie’s professional in-residence hairstylist – gives you a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this look […]

How to Tease Your Hair

How to Tease Your Hair

For those of us who aren’t exactly “naturally” gifted at styling our own hair, the concept of “teasing” can be quite intimidating. But in reality, it’s much easier to accomplish than it looks and we think you’re totally going to nail it after a bit of practice. Michelle G. – Stylie’s hairstylist-in-residence – has been […]

How to Get Referrals for Your Hairstyling Business

Sick? Hairstylist’s Guide to Canceling or Keeping Appointments

You’re a hair stylist. Your clients are counting on you. And, more than likely, you’ve got your schedule down to a science. Nothing messes up all that more than shivers, chills, coughs and sniffling — all common signs that you be coming down with a cold, the flu or a funky virus. Being a #hairstylist […]

Ways to Challenge Yourself as an Independent Independent Beauty Professional

Unlock the Keys to Your Styling Business Through Booth Rental

With booth rental keeping up its steady stream of converts, you may decide the time is right to make the move into ownership yourself. It’s an attractive proposition for easing into ownership. You don’t have to make the massive commitment to purchase your own heavy equipment, lease an entire space or hire your own staff. […]

Free Guide: How to Use Booth Rental to Boost Your Income & Free Your Time

The Pros and Cons of Running Your Own Styling Business

As with any other small business, making the decision to run your own styling business requires taking the time to truly understand the pros and cons of undertaking that responsibility. The benefits may seem obvious. You’re your own boss — which, for many people, is as close to the American dream that you can get. […]

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban Advises Small Businesses to Focus on the Customer

How to Get More Clients in Your Styling Booth

Made the decision to be your own boss? Rent a booth? Take matters into your own hands? Congratulations. While that’s a rewarding move, the challenges are just getting started. Besides managing your own schedule, appointments and inventory, you want to ensure that your business continues to grow. And the first step to growing your business […]

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Hair Salon

Boost Booth Rental Profits by Knowing your Clients’ Beauty Preferences

Quick. What’s the No. 1 product your clients are purchasing at their favorite beauty supply store? Is it a skincare product? Hair products? Nail polish? Don’t have a clue whatsoever? If you’re not taking the time to really get to know your clients and their preferences — from beauty essentials to top indulgences, you could […]

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