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Britt Seva Instagram Tips for Hairstylists

Social Media Tips from Britt Seva: How to Use Instagram Insta-Stories for Building Clientele

In March 2016, Instagram created an algorithm that totally changed the way our Instagram feed looked and what showed up. Then they gave us another curveball in August 2016 with Instagram Stories and this new video platform is the opportunity to explode your business. Britt Seva, social media and marketing strategist for hairstylists, offers these […]

DaShay Johnson Clipper Art

#HAIRJAM2016 Winner Feature: DaShay Johnson (@dashay_art) and His Shear Love of Hair

When we launched the #HAIRJAM2016 Instagram Hair Contest, we were so excited to see all of the amazing work of the many talented hairstylists and barbers flood our streams. Little did we know that the competition would be so fierce and we’d have such a hard decision to make! One of the most fun categories […]

Jessica @strandz_addict Feature

Hairstylist Feature: Meet Jessica (@strandz_addict), a SoFlo Hair Specialist

In a world of so many talented hairstylists, we love when they come to us to share their story of how they got into the business and why they love doing what they do. Jessica (@standz_addict on Instagram) is a hair artist from Southern Florida who specializes in color corrections, balayages combined with highlights, color […]

Britt Seva Tips to Increase Your Retail Sales

4 Tips from Britt Seva for Increasing Your Retail Sales

Retail sales in the salon industry have changed a lot over the past decade. In the past, if a client wanted a high-end shampoo or conditioning spray, they had to get it from you, the stylist. But now, retail stores everywhere are selling some of our favorite products, making it harder to compete. Some hairstylists […]

Use Social Media to Market Your Salon

Simple Ways to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

While it’s rewarding to run your own business, marketing your small business as a independent beauty professional can seem like an overwhelming task at times. There is only so much time in a day, and managing your marketing campaigns probably aren’t the only responsibilities you have in that time. But, of course, they’re essential if […]

How to Give Yourself a Promotion as an Independent Hairstylist

Keep Things Sanitary and Healthy in Your Hairstyling Business

More than likely, you’ve heard your share of cases in which customers have filed complaints or lawsuits against hairstylists and cosmetologists for damaged hair, hair loss, infections, or a host of other issues. While you may not face a lawsuit anytime soon, it is good business to make sure you’re maintaining healthy habits for your […]

Independent Beauty Professional Tips for Moving to a New Salon

Independent Beauty Professional Tips for Moving to a New Salon

It happens. Stylists decide it’s time to move on and space at a different location other than the where they are currently renting. It’s not a bad thing. If you find yourself in this situation – as long as you handle it the right way – you’ll find that most, if not all, of your […]

Hairstylists, Don’t Make These 3 Social Media Mistakes

Hairstylists, Don’t Make These 3 Social Media Mistakes

Of course, you should be marketing your hairstylist business online. If you’re smart, like we know you are, you’re already using Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms to show off your great skills. However, it’s important to know what to share and what not to share — especially when it comes to publishing it […]

Independent Beauty Professional Tips for Moving to a New Salon

Standing All Day? Check Out These Healthy Tips for Hairstylists

Keeping your clients looking their best may seem like you’re performing a bit of magic. But anyone who spends a few days in your shoes knows it’s hard work — work that eventually takes a toll on your back, feet, legs, arms and hands. Studies also show that repeated exposure to chemicals could damage your […]

Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore From Celebrity Hairstylists

Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore From Celebrity Hairstylists

For most of us in the industry, a gig as a celebrity hairstylist is the pinnacle of success — at least by most definitions. We scoured the internet for you (so you can keep on running your independent beauty business), to bring you some of the best advice from the best of the best. You […]

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