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Pro Tips for a Magnetic, Low-Stress Hairstyling Business

34 Pro Tips for a Magnetic, Low-Stress Hairstyling Business

Picture, for a moment, one independent hairstylist you’d like to emulate: someone who’s earned the respect of their peers, an army of loyal customers, and a fat bank account—all while staying true to themselves and refusing to sacrifice family time, peace of mind, or self-care. Someone who makes you think, “I’d be happy with half […]

7 Ways to use Technology to Tame Your Hair Salon Business

Hairstylist Tips for Touching Up Time Management Skills

Okay, you’ve got your booth rental hair stylist business up and running. You’ve got the training, tools, clients, products, and many other resources for success. As a business owner, it’s important to continue looking for ways to improve. One concept that is often overlooked as an opportunity for improvement is time management. To raise your […]

Get Out of Your Hairstyling Slump by Upgrading Your Education

Get Out of Your Hairstyling Slump by Upgrading Your Education

Are you in a stylist slump? Reminiscing about the good old days of being in beauty school, when everything was new to you? The amount of knowledge you gained on styling may have seemed endless, at the time. Now that you’ve honed your techniques, it’s easy to get a little too comfortable. One of the […]

Undercuts a Growing Hair Trend

Hairstylist Feature: Kelsey Deuel on Undercuts, a Growing Hair Trend

Over the past few years, a growing trend has been popping up in the hair nation, and it looks like it’s here to makes waves in 2016. Undercuts, which have traditionally been popular for men, are becoming more mainstream for women, adding a bit of an edge to an overall look. Undercuts are fun because […]

Give your Hairstyling Business a Makeover

Marketing is Not Easy – A Stylist’s Guide to Getting it Done

First, the good news about marketing yourself as a stylist — in this digital age, you can accomplish a whole lot without spending a whole lot of money. Now, the bad news … or, maybe bad news for some hair stylists. It takes commitment and a significant amount of time to do it right. Whether […]

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