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How to Make a Difference as a Hairstylist

Maybe It’s Time to Set Your Entrepreneurial Scissors Free!

Sure, in some ways, it’s easier to work for a salon. You have constant access to their equipment, products and receptionist. And you bypass bookkeeping and tax headaches, too. But there’s a good chance you’re wanting something more, like thousands of other stylists have for the past several years. It seems there’s a huge incentive […]

Use Social Media to get Some Attention for Your Hair Styling Business

A Stylist’s Most Important Tools: Blow Dryer, Clips, Social Media

It’s pretty likely you’re already using social media in your personal life. Social media is also one of the best tools a stylist can use to retain and gain clientele. Here are some tips on how to use social media to your advantage as a stylist. Start a conversation: In the morning, update your Facebook […]

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Hair Salon

Be Different: It’s the Key to Making Your Styling Business a Success

Did you know that things are looking great for hair stylists for the next few years? According to the U.S. Bureau of Census, jobs in the hair styling and cosmetology business are expected to grow by 13 percent — more than the 11 percent growth rate for other industries. That could translate into good news […]

Hey stylists! Don’t be afraid to upsell services

Hey Stylists! Don’t Be Afraid to Upsell Services

Face it. You only have so many hours in a day. And only so many clients that can fit into your schedule. But yet you want to increase your income. Don’­t run the risk of ticking off all your clients by overbooking, trying to squeeze more of them into your timeslots. The sales aspect of #hairstyling […]

The stylists’ guide to fabulous customer service

The Stylists’ Guide to Fabulous Customer Service

In the world of styling, our customer service skills may be the last thing clients are thinking about when they book an appointment. They probably want to know if we can make them look like the celebrity in “this photo.” Or what we can do to make their split ends go away for good. How […]

5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Building a loyal client base is arguably one of the most difficult parts of being a hairstylist – even more so if you rent booths at multiple salons. However, there are methods you can use no matter where you rent that will keep clients coming back. Customer loyalty is everything! Learn what clients expect and be in […]

3 tips to help stylists satisfy an unhappy customer

3 Tips to Help Stylists Satisfy an Unhappy Client

No matter how insanely brilliant you are as a hairstylist, you will run into the uncomfortable situation of dealing with an unhappy client. It’s inevitable. The hairstyling business has hundreds of variables when it comes to styles, cuts and colors. No wonder that, at some point, your work won’t match the client’s vision of the […]

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Hairstyling Business

How to Build Your Clientele

The hardest part of being an independent stylist is building a client base. Even if you rent booths at multiple salons, you can’t rely solely on the new patrons you find there. Attracting new clients – and keeping them – requires a lot of networking and marketing. Here’s how you can start to build your […]

Hair stylist scheduling software

5 Things You Can Do For Your Client Besides a Haircut

Whether you operate your hair styling business as a studio renter, an owner or an employee, it’s essential to develop a connection with your clients that keeps them coming back. Not only that, by doing so, you can get on track to cultivating the type of relationships that result in increasing your business through word-of-mouth […]

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