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How to Get Referrals for Your Hairstyling Business

How to Get Referrals for Your Hairstyling Business

While it might be a little intimidating to ask your clients to give you a referral, this method of word-of-mouth marketing is undeniably powerful. So don’t be shy! Whether you realize it or not, if your clients love the work you’re doing, then of course they will want to talk you up – because they […]

How to Style Pigtails Without a Traditional Part

5 Tips to Create Your Brand as a Stylist

You’ve gone through beauty school. You’ve put in hours of training. You’ve got a booth at a salon. What now? How do you ensure clients are coming back and requesting you? Here are some tips on creating your own brand, which will get you on your way to client loyalty and more opportunities for employment. […]

Ways to Challenge Yourself as an Independent Independent Beauty Professional

Unlock the Keys to Your Styling Business Through Booth Rental

With booth rental keeping up its steady stream of converts, you may decide the time is right to make the move into ownership yourself. It’s an attractive proposition for easing into ownership. You don’t have to make the massive commitment to purchase your own heavy equipment, lease an entire space or hire your own staff. […]

Everyone is Offering Client Loyalty Programs. Hairstylists, Should You?

Ready to Be Your Own Boss as a Hairstylist?

With about 50 percent of the hair styling industry represented by independent beauty professionals, you may be considering if it’s the right move for you. The prospect of putting more money in your pockets is definitely attractive, but do you have what it takes? It’s a good idea to do a bit of self-analysis to […]

How to Style Pigtails Without a Traditional Part

5 Amazing Tips for Today’s Generation of Independent Beauty Professionals

Apparently, it’s a brand new day for hair stylists. At last count, about 50 percent of all salons in the United States were offering some type of booth rental or leasing model. That was the news released in a report by Professional Consultants & Resources (PCR). All that points to new opportunities for the hair […]

4 essential steps to launching a successful salon business

4 Essential Steps to Launching a Successful Salon Business

It’s a good time to be in the salon business. The glorious hair styling business is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.2 percent — hitting $58.7 billion by 2019, according to IBISWorld. But that doesn’t mean you’re automatically guaranteed success by just pulling out your styling gear and getting to work on […]

Thinking About Booth Rental? Check These Important Tips Before Jumping In

5 Tips on Building Your Business (From a Pro Stylist)

Want us to let you in on the secret to building a successful salon business? “One by one by one.” That’s the formula for not only building up a business from scratch, but also one of the keys to becoming a stylist to the stars, according to Julien Farel, who was able to accomplish both […]

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