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Free Agent Hairstyling Business

How to Make Your Free Agent Hairstyling Business Prosperous in 2017

Happy New Year, #beautyKO nation! I wish you and your business dreams an empowered and prosperous 2017! I am Kate Capko, a hairstylist, beauty industry consultant, and the curator of Free Agent Hairstylist™. Free Agent Hairstylist™ was created to provide independent hairstylists with the business knowledge and industry news they need to be successful…. on […]

An Open Letter to Independent Hairstylists

When we set out to create Stylie, we wanted to help stylists automate those tiresome, administrative tasks that drain their time and energy, so they can focus on what they love most: making others feel beautiful, confident, treasured. We especially wanted to help the independents—the ones craving greater control over their lives and work. We […]

Appointment Scheduling App for Beauty Professionals

The Curling Iron Ate My Appointment Book: Why Paper is the Independent Hairstylist’s Kryptonite

Imagine, your favorite client in the chair, you’re chatting away and suddenly, you smell something burning. What is that? It’s your curling iron burning your appointment book. Your entire life relies on that appointment book, and suddenly the book that holds the future of your income is torched. So why keep your entire business operations […]

How to Launch Your Independent Beauty Business

How to Launch Your Independent Beauty Business

Renting a booth at a salon can give you the freedom to do your own thing and hone your entrepreneurial skills. But if you really want to succeed, you’ll need more than a hair dryer and a brush. Here are three things to keep in mind when making the switch from employee to renter: Understand […]

How to Get Ready for Booth Rental

Free Guide: How to Get Ready for Booth Rental

So you’ve been thinking about the move to booth rental… and getting really amped for all the possibilities this new career path could hold! It’s a scary jump, isn’t it? But the only thing that makes it so scary is the fear of the unknown, which is why Stylie wants to help prepare you completely […]

Use Software to Run Your Salon Like a Pro

New Stylie Updates: Cash Tip, Currency Keyboard, and Full Inventory Managment

Hey, #beautyKOs! You know we always try to provide you with useful and fun tips for running your business, but we’re so excited about some of the new updates we’ve made to Stylie that we just had to share with you. Wow! Super impressed with Stylie’s new updates. Check it out, #hairstylist friends! Click To […]

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