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DaShay Johnson and Britt Seva

#COLORJAM2017 Instagram Contest Judges Announced

There are so many talented hairstylists across the world, and we now have the ability to see and share their work through the power of social media. As a supporter of those who work so hard to make people look and feel their best – inside and out – Stylie wanted to provide an opportunity for those talented stylists to be […]

Britt Seva Instagram Tips for Hairstylists

Social Media Tips from Britt Seva: How to Use Instagram Insta-Stories for Building Clientele

In March 2016, Instagram created an algorithm that totally changed the way our Instagram feed looked and what showed up. Then they gave us another curveball in August 2016 with Instagram Stories and this new video platform is the opportunity to explode your business. Britt Seva, social media and marketing strategist for hairstylists, offers these […]

Jessica @strandz_addict Feature

Hairstylist Feature: Meet Jessica (@strandz_addict), a SoFlo Hair Specialist

In a world of so many talented hairstylists, we love when they come to us to share their story of how they got into the business and why they love doing what they do. Jessica (@standz_addict on Instagram) is a hair artist from Southern Florida who specializes in color corrections, balayages combined with highlights, color […]

How to Use Instagram to Your Advantage as A Hairstylist

How to Use Instagram to Your Advantage as A Hairstylist

Are you still hanging out on Facebook? Not a bad idea when you’re trying to market your services as a independent stylist. A lot of people are still regularly using FB, and it’s a low-cost way to show off your skills. Just showing our followers some TLC today ☺️💜 A photo posted by Stylie (@gostylie) on […]

Is Your Website Just Sitting There? Use it to Get More Sales

Every Stylist Needs Instagram as an Essential Tool

You have your favorite go-to tools. The curling wand, paddle brush, blow dryer and assortment of conditioners. You consider them irreplaceable in keeping your hair styling business in its best shape. But have you considered putting Instagram in the same “Essentials” category? While Instagram has earned a reputation for keeping us up to date on […]

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